Chris Bey On Possibly Appearing For All Elite Wrestling

Could we see more AEW/Impact crossovers coming in 2021?

Chris Bey

Photo: Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling superstar and former X Division champion Chris Bey was interviewed on The Black Rasslin’ Podcast this week.

After only three years in the business, Bey has had a couple of matches on WWE 205 Live in October 2019 before being signed to Impact and going on to win the ‘One To Watch For In 2021’ award by the company.

Talking about the possibility that he could one day appear on AEW Dynamite, due to their partnership with Impact, Bey said:

I would love to do [what I did in Impact there in AEW] because there’s a reason why I’m an Impact person. There’s reason why I wanted to go to Impact Wrestling. If I’m going to do it, I’m going to show up with an Impact Wrestling t-shirt on…and let people know where I’m from, and if they like what they see, [they know] where they can find me, because I wanted people to come to Impact. I like Impact Wrestling. I love the Impact roster. I love the people we have in there.

I remember telling a fan at the beginning of the year, when I signed with Impact, the news dropped…they were like, ‘Hey, wow, damn. Why did you go to Impact? I wanted you to go to AEW.’ And I was like, “Because you’re already watching AEW. You’re not watching Impact.’ So, if you support me, you can come find me over here and add to our viewership over here, not just having to be a part of something you’re already tuning them to see, and that’s just how I feel.

If that opportunity is going to present itself for me to go over there and make it big at AEW for a select amount of time, of course I’m going to do it.

In December 2020 Bey took on Rich Swann at Final Resolution which was the first time in Impact history that two black wrestlers main evented a PPV in a world title match and he was asked about how it felt to be a part of it:

It’s crazy because as important as the representation is for me growing up, I know that I always wanted to be here but I never actually knew if I would ever be able to be here because of what I have yet to see, which is a moment like that. The moments for me, I’m always taking things step-by-step-by step. When the match happened, it was like, ‘Sweet. Okay, cool. We did it.’ Then [in] my subconscious mind, I was like, ‘This is something special.’ But it’s not until I see it back, and it’s actually out there for the world to see where I’m like, ‘Yeah, this is really it right here, we’re changing the game.

Last year when Kofi won, he had his moment. For me and for a lot of people… that right there was that proper justification and validation that it’s doable and trust the process and put in that work and trust the energy of our people. Because collectively we made that happen, and not just us as Black people, but the people who are also aren’t Black, who wanted to see us win and who wanted to see us get there. Collectively, all that energy combined made it happen. And then now for me, that moment right there, I was like, ‘All right, sweet. Anything’s possible.’

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