Charlotte Flair Injury Update: Significantly Increased Recovery Period Likely

Charlotte Flair will be out of action for a year according to recent reports. This could even mean an absence that lasts beyond WrestleMania 37.

Charlotte Flair

Credit: WWE

Following on from (non-wrestling related) surgery, it seems as though Charlotte Flair will be out for the foreseeable future and possibly, according to her father Ric Flair, up to a year.

Last seen on WWE televison on Raw in June, Charlotte was expected to be back by Summerslam but Ric Flair has given an update on how she’s recovering and suggests it’ll be a long road to full recovery.

“She’s fine, but this time she knows, and her personal physician and the company doctors have reinforced it, that she can’t hurry the process, otherwise, we’re going to be right back. With the stuff that she does, the moonsaults and the way she lands and taking knees and everything, she’s got to be a 100%. And she will be.”

A year away from the ring will mean that Charlotte, having missed Summerslam, will also miss out all of the next three of the ‘Big 4’ events including Wrestlemania, but as Ric went on to say:

“So she’ll be fine just has to be patient and heal. The rotator cuffs, you got to let those heal. You gotta let the knees [heal], and I got to remind her sometimes like Seth was off for a year. She’s likely out for a year. It’s not the end. You’ll come back.”

With Becky Lynch stepping away from the ring earlier in the year to become a parent, this now means that the (arguably) top two female superstars in WWE are now away from the action and will give a great chance to the rest of the females to get themselves in the spotlight.

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In the interests of balance, Flair herself seems to refute the more sensational reporting around this found on some news sites so it remains to be seen how accurate this timeframe is.

We wish the Queen good health and a strong recovery. Also, we just want to mention that a Wrestlemania comeback would be AMAZING.

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