Candice Michelle’s Unique Contract Clause & Training For WWE On The Road

Candice Michelle has revealed an intriguing clause she had in her WWE contract, and which wrestlers got involved in her training.

Candice Michelle

Former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle certainly came in to WWE with a Hollywood background.

She is also well known as the ‘GoDaddy Girl’, appearing on the company’s SuperBowl adverts.

Michelle has revealed that her background meant she had a WWE contract which allowed her to continue with these ventures.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Michelle confirmed she made sure there were plenty WWE couldn’t touch.

So I had a clause in my contract which allowed me to do that. Because I was coming from Hollywood, I just had a different type of contract from the average wrestler who comes from the indie scene or comes from the wrestling school.

My website was off-limits and certain things on there were off limits that they weren’t allowed to take away from me or have control over, and GoDaddy just happened to be one of those.

She also spoke of having to learn the ropes on the road with WWE rather than coming through a traditional training route.

It didn’t take long for her effort and enthusiasm to get noticed by some of WWE’s top stars.

I would show up to every house show two hours early. I would watch them put the ring up. I would get in the ring with them. I didn’t have the opportunity to go to wrestling school and learn wrestling moves. I had to learn everything on the road, and so the only way I thought that I could learn was if I show up early. And then people started to see that I was really putting in the work.

Then when I would show up, they’re like, ‘Wait, she’s improving a little, and then slowly, I remember Big Show getting in the ring with me one time and taking a bump. Umaga got in there to take the bump, and then it slowly progressed. And they started to see, okay, she’s serious about this, and then they started to put some energy into me.

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