‘Butcher Brock’! New Look For Brock Lesnar As He Hones Butchering Skills

Brock Lesnar has been shown mastering what it takes to be a butcher – and his new look (including ponytail!) is rather surprising.

Brock Lesnar

There has been plenty of speculation about if (or more likely, when) Brock Lesnar will return to a wrestling ring.

Whilst ‘The Beast Incarnate’ doesn’t tend to make many public appearances during his time away, he has taken to mastering his skills as a butcher.

Lesnar has taken a trip to The Bearded Butchers, where he is seen sporting an updated look.

The most recent pictures of Lesnar away from the ring had him sporting a full beard.

What will surprise most is the ponytail which can also be seen in some of the pictures.

Even if he may not be confirmed for SummerSlam, we’d let him cut and cook a steak for us any time!

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