Bret Hart: ‘I’m A Big Fan Of Current WWE Star’

WWE legend Bret Hart appeared on ‘The Bump’ to discuss his greatest SummerSlam matches and which current WWE Wrestlers he likes to watch.

Bret Hart

Bret Hart appeared on WWE’s The Bump on Wednesday August 12th as part of their build up to this year’s SummerSlam. Most of the interview was based around Bret’s own celebrated SummerSlam history however the Hitman was also asked about the current WWE Superstars he likes to watch, to which he replied:

“I’m a big fan of AJ Styles, I have been for many many years,I like a lot of the guys that are more of the style I was, I’m a big fan of Kevin Owens. There’s a lot of guys that carry the torch of my generation of wrestling into today’s wrestling and AJ Styles is the most prominent, he’s such a great wrestler and has been for so long, I’m really glad he’s had the success he’s had. [Also] Roman Reigns”

Those familiar with Bret’s in ring style and philosophy will not be surprised to hear him mention Styles and Owens and its possible his love for the traditional babyface characters played by himself and the likes of John Cena will be one of the reasons he is a fan of Reigns.

Bret went on to talk about his SummerSlam classics over the Intercontinental title with Mr Perfect and The British Bulldog in 1991 and 92 and his WWE Championship tussles with Owen Hart in 1994 and the Undertaker and 1997, there was however no mention of the bout with Dr Issac Yankem at SummerSlam 1995!

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The question of who should be crowned ‘Mr SummerSlam’ has been asked little more than usual in in the build up to this year’s event. However there isn’t a debate at The Bump as the broadcast team bestowed that honour on The Hitman and looking at his SummerSlam back catalogue why would anyone disagree?

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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