Breaking News: Pat McAfee Announced For NXT. Building To TakeOver 30 Match?

Pat McAfee is heading to NXT to thrash things out with Adam Cole tonight. Are they building towards a match of some kind at NXT TakeOver 30?

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WWE have announced that podcast host and former NFL player Pat McAfee will be appearing on NXT tonight.

This appearance will come on the back of his physical confrontation with former NXT Champion Adam Cole on the set of ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ recently.

WWE’s press release on the situation had the following to say:

Time to talk Bay Bay!

Pat McAfee is ready to clear the air with Adam Cole and is headed to NXT tonight hoping to do exactly that.

The last encounter between McAfee and Adam Cole resulted in a heated exchange and the former NXT Champion shoving one of the radio host’s producers. Triple H joined “The Pat McAfee Show” a couple days later and reiterated Cole’s apology in an attempt to ease tensions between the two.

Now, McAfee will take a mid-honeymoon break to try and relieve some of the drama from his professional life and bury the hatchet with Cole.

Triple H recently involved McAfee to the Performance Center to thrash out his issues with Adam Cole. It seems McAfee has accepted.

Speculation is that this angle is heading to a match for Cole at NXT Takeover 30 on Saturday 22nd August.

Some have suggested a match with McAfee is in the offing. However other speculation has suggested a marquee match between Cole and the head of NXT, Triple H himself.

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A match between the founding father of NXT, finally getting in a yellow and black ring, and its longest reigning champion would certainly be a fitting match up for the landmark 30th Takeover.

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