Booker T Names His Top WWE Performer Of ‘The COVID-19 Era’

WWE Hall Of Fame star Booker T is never shy in giving his opinion on the current wrestling landscape. He has named the performer who has impressed him the most in the company in 2020.

Booker T

Speaking on a recent episode of ‘The Hall Of Fame’ Show, WWE Hall Of Fame superstar has commented on who he considers the most impressive WWE performer since all shows were relocated to the Performance Center.

The individual he named was MVP, who made his return to WWE in January’s Royal Rumble. The return was scheduled to be a one off but a string of impressive performances in as-hoc roles has led to MVP recently signing a long term contract with the company.

Booker T said the following about the leader of The Hurt Business faction:

“Well, right now even though it’s been a short time, I think MVP and the Hurt Business, I think MVP has made a bigger splash in the COVID era just because he’s been going out and creating some really, really good drama and not having to do anything to create it, other than just go out and speak and talk. He’s making me remember everything. Honestly I think I remember this career so much more than I did his first career and I’m not saying that, just because, I really feel like this time he’s in a groove and if I had to give it to anybody it would be him, to be honest, yeah.”

It would be difficult to argue too hard with Booker T’s assessment. Raw in particular has had a number of standout performers this year, notably Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins. MVP is certainly in that bracket also.

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