Booker T Has Just Received A Positive COVID Test… From The End Of June

Booker T has confirmed that, whilst he doesn’t have the virus now, he has only recently been contacted by the CDC to confirm that he had a positive test at the end of June.

Booker T

We’ve heard plenty of stories of top-level WWE employees testing positive for the Coronavirus, however this is one of the most bizarre.

In his most recent Hall Of Fame podcast released yesterday, Booker T has confirmed that he’s just been told by the CDC he had a positive test – back in June.

About an hour ago, from the CDC, they told me that yes, I have tested positive for the Coronavirus – back at the end of June. I never got my result back, but they called me rest assured today that back at the end of June when I got tested, I had tested positive. I’ve had three tests since then and they all came back negative, but it just goes to show you how banged up we really are with this system we are working with.

The WWE Hall Of Famer mainly seems grateful that the impact of the virus on his life was not as serious as it has been for many.

I’m living proof, thank god I’m still here and that I’ve got a healthy immune system and god spared me on this one, but I could have been one of the nearly 200,000 that didn’t know that I had this, and I was gone on the way to the next life.

It seems Booker had the majority of the main symptoms which come with COVID-19.

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However, he was also quick to act and separate from his family in “the west wing” to isolate the virus unlike The Rock was able to.

It’s bigger than that. I know what I went through. It wasn’t a long time, it was a couple of weeks that I went through it. I had the headaches, I had the night sweats, I lost my taste and smell for two weeks, and thank god I was smart enough to quarantine from the family. I stayed away from everyone. I put myself off in the west wing! I stayed there for a couple of weeks until I started feeling better. Until every day it started subsiding, even with my taste I waited for it to come back a little bit before meeting with my family. Thank god I did because I could be like The Rock, as far as the whole family coming down with something like this. I’ve got my mother in law here with us and something that’s so serious guys, I just want you to all be careful with this. Thank god I’m working for a company that’s testing me on a regular basis.

Booker T’s credit towards WWE testing him on a regular basis, as well as confirming he has had three negative tests since the positive one, are a sign that the WWE may now have a lid on their testing procedures.

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