Big Show To Kofi Kingston: ‘These Two Aren’t Going To Get You Over’

Although the story has a happy ending, The Big Show talked on this week’s New Day Podcast about how he didn’t think being in The New Day was good for Kofi Kingston.

The Big Show

The Big Show is the latest guest on The New Day podcast, and while he has been friends with Kofi Kingston since he arrived in WWE, he was not so enamoured by the other two members.

Whilst this is a conversation which has taken place before, Show discusses on the podcast how much he thought of Kingston’s ability, but not getting the same impression from Big E Langston and Xavier Woods.

I’ve seen Kofi come in from FCW, all the things Kofi wanted to do and seen him thrive. His athleticism, his commitment to be better, his commitment to be dependable and solid. I saw him working into that championship role. He was getting there at Intercontinental Champion, moved up to Heavyweight Champion, and then there’s these two guys I don’t know. I’m thinking Three Man Band, I’m thinking nobody’s going to come out well on this, it’s not going to work.

The quartet joke on the podcast about the way The Big Show pulled Kofi” to one side – and the fact they were still well within earshot. However, Show was more interested in Kingston getting out of the team.

When it’s business, you can’t beat about the bush and sugar coat it. So like I told Kofi, you’re on the way to being a champion, being a contender, and getting that big title. You don’t want to run around with these two [bleep]. I get it, you want to create and evolve, but these two [bleep] aren’t going to get you over. I just want to see what’s best for you.

At this point Kingston convinced Show to watch the team that night, and his opinion quickly changed.

So I sit down and watch the monitor, and I hear this loud, booming voice come over like I’m sitting in a Baptist church in South Carolina and all of a sudden everything comes out, the trombone, the crowd and the energy. Then I saw you guys work and the way you work together, and as you all came through the curtain, what did I say? I apologised, and said forget every word I just said. I was absolutely friggin wrong. The way you guys work is just magic, don’t change. And I’ve been a fan ever since.

It sounds like this is a story The Big Show was expecting The New Day to bring up as part of the podcast, as he joked about not needing to recount the story.

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The Big Show started the conversation on this story with a line which said it all. “Because of who’s involved I will gladly eat my own words as I’ve never been so happy to be wrong in my life”.

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