Big E Hopes That His Singles Run Doesn’t Disappoint Fans

It seems like Big E is set for a big singles run in WWE away from The New Day, and he’s keen to make sure it’s a success.

Big E

Photo Credit: WWE

This week on Smackdown, Big E made the first steps of his singles run with an impressive victory over The Miz.

Whilst E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods have been a huge part of WWE programming as The New Day over the last five years, fans have long clamoured to see Big E be given the chance to go solo and unleash his massive potential as a singles star.

With Woods out with a long term injury and Kingston announcing he will be out for six weeks following the New Day’s tag team title loss to Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura at Extreme Rule, fans will now get the Big E run they have been craving.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Sports, Big E touched on his excitement for this opportunity whilst also hoping he lives up to the expectations placed upon him. He said:

“This is all kind of coming out of nowhere. I feel confident that I am ready for this. The interesting thing and weird thing is we don’t have that organic response. I hope people enjoy this run, I hope it’s good and entertaining, I hope all of the people who have clamoured for this for years are not disappointed.”

The point he makes about the organic fan response is key. Without that instant feedback given by fans in arenas, it is of course much harder to gauge how well accepted a certain act or angle is, especially a charismatic babyface like Big E that feeds directly from the fans’ energy.

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Photo Credit: WWE

What is unique and refreshing about this upcoming singles push, and The New Day as a whole, is the ability to embark on this new story without splitting up the team. Similar to Kingston’s world title run in 2019, the members of the group have formed such an incredible on-screen bond that it seems wholly believable that they represent the team over the individual, even when the prizes they pursue are those singles titles. Big E was at pains to point this out:

“I always see it as I am a representative of the New Day. The same way that Kofi credited Woods and me and said that when he won it was for all of us, that’s the same feeling I have.  This adds to all of our legacies because I don’t get this far, I don’t have this much without those two. I don’t even know if I am around in this company without those two.”

Hooked On Wrestling have high hopes for Big E’s upcoming push and look forward to seeing the direction it is taken in over the coming weeks and months.

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