Beat The Clock Weekly Wrestling Quiz: 2nd October 2020

Our weekly ‘Beat The Clock’ wrestling quiz is here with another 20 semi-topical questions. How many can you nail this week?

HOW Weekly Quiz

Our latest weekly ‘Beat The Clock’ wrestling quiz is live now.

As per usual we have twenty questions across four subjects. Can you beat the clock and make it to our top 5 weekly leaderboard? Remember, you only have SEVEN minutes to answer all the questions.

We will post a new quiz each Friday. Tweet us at @HO_Wrestling to tell us how you have done.

This week’s subjects are:

  • Single NXT TakeOver Wins
  • Single NXT TakeOver Appearances
  • Undisputed Era
  • Never A Champion

The Leaderboard

1st Place is Jay Hagan with 80%

2nd Place is Aiden Kendera with 80%

3rd place is Simon Streatfield with 75%

4th place is Chris Mardon with 75%

5th place is Daniel Hurley with 70%


Congratulations to anyone who has made the top five!

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Four Rounds - Twenty questions - Seven minute time limit


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