Beat The Clock Weekly Wrestling Quiz: WWE Clash Of Champions

In this week’s Beat The Clock quiz we have a WWE Clash Of Champions special. We have 20 different champions for you. Name who defeated them for that belt.

HOW Weekly Quiz

Our latest wrestling quiz is now live.

However instead of our usual four rounds, this week we have one big round in honour of the forthcoming WWE PPV, Clash Of Champions. In this quiz, we name 20 champions and a belt they have won only once. On each occasion, we want you to tell us who beat them for that belt.

Can you beat the clock and make it to our top 5 weekly leaderboard? After listening to feedback from you guys, we have raised the time limit from five minutes to SEVEN minutes.

We will post a new quiz each Friday. Tweet us at @HO_Wrestling to tell us how you have done.

The Leaderboard

1st Place is Simon Streatfield with 95%

2nd Place is Patrick Heafield with 95%

3rd place is Chris Mardon with 80%

4th place is William Kitchen with 80%

5th place is Adam Grylls with 75%


Congratulations to anyone who has made the top five!

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Four Rounds - Twenty questions - Seven minute time limit


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