Arn Anderson: Inner Circle Can’t Match Four Horsemen

‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson has used the latest ARN Podcast to respond to Chris Jericho’s claim that The Inner Circle is greater than The Four Horsemen.

Arn Anderson

With Chris Jericho claiming that The Inner Circle are a greater faction than The Four Horsemen, it’s no surprise Arn Anderson has taken the chance to respond.

The Enforcer used the latest ARN Podcast to discuss the subject, saying that whilst he commends The Inner Circle he thinks history will prove The Horsemen stronger.

“I don’t think history will shake out and prove that to be true but Chris is confident in his crew and they are a very talented bunch of guys. It’s hard to argue their success is not well earned and appreciated by all the rest of us that have been around for a while but to try and compare it to the original Horsemen or the version with Barry? I don’t think so.”

Anderson recently signed a new multi-year deal with the company, so will seemingly continue being TNT Champion Cody’s on-screen manager for the time being.

His sweater has become a signature part of his outfit, and Double A commented on whose suggestion it was.

“My new boss. I had never worn one before hand but he had a vision for this character. Cody is one of the top guys in the company and to be his coach is a pretty prominent position. Mike Dytka is what came to mind in Tony’s mind. We came up with this and I’m happy to say it’s no issue.”

Credit to Wrestling Inc for the transcription of this podcast.

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