AEW Commitments Force Brian Pillman Jr To Relinquish OVW Title

It seems as if the son of Flyin’ Brian is destined to be fully All Elite, as he has vacated his OVW Championship.

Brian Pillman Jr

It would seem Brian Pillman could be about to get an announcement graphic on AEW’s social media.

OVW have announced that the second generation star has relinquished their Heavyweight Championship.

OVW Heavyweight Champion Brian Pillman Jr, effectively immediately, will be vacating his OVW Heavyweight Championship.

Because of his growing relationship with AEW (All Elite Wrestling) his obligations have grown to a point where he cannot maintain the responsibilities attached to the OVW Heavyweight Championship.

While we at OVW are sad to see him go, we are also very happy for Brian Pillman Jr on his continued success with AEW and wish him nothing but the best.

The son of Flyin’ Brian has been working for AEW for the last six months, although this is seemingly on the same freelance basis as many have been.

He’s made many appearances on Dark and sporadically on Dynamite, and has recently been teaming with Griff Garrison.

It seems like it might only be a matter of time before we officially hear that Pillman Jr Is All Elite.

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