Hooked On Wrestling Beat The Clock Quiz: 3rd July 2020

The Hooked On Wrestling weekly quiz is here. Can you beat the clock with your 20 answers and make it onto our weekly leaderboard?

HOW Weekly Quiz

20 Questions – Four subjects – 5 minute time limit.

We will post a new quiz each Friday. Remember, it is just for fun but can you make it to our weekly top 5?

This weeks rounds….

  • Surivor Series: Odd One Out
  • Adam Cole
  • Doggie Wrestlers
  • Name Changes

The Leaderboard

1st Place is Terry Magowan with 100%

2nd Place is Terry Magowan with 95%

3rd place is Wayne Stevens with 95%

4th place is Chris Mardon with 65%

5th place is Patrick Heafield with 55%


Congratulations to anyone who has made the top five!

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Four Rounds - Twenty questions - Five minute time limit


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