New Podcast: HOW Kids Talk

Our latest podcast, ‘HOW Kids Talk’ takes a look at WWE programming from the past and present through the eyes of a six year old fan. This week…Kennel From Hell!

HOW Kids Talk

The latest podcast in the Hooked On Wrestling stable is a bit of a departure from our usual output…Namely because it stars 6-year old Samuel as he gives his thoughts on wrestling new and old!

HOW Kids Talk is a 30-minute, quick listen podcast looking at wrestling through the eyes of a child wrestling fan. Something most of us once was.

Will it work as a podcast? Who knows! They do say don’t work with kids or animals, but we wanted to give voice to what a youngster taking his first steps in wrestling fandom thinks of the current product and older matches and events.

In this week’s episode, Samuel watches the infamous Kennel From Hell match between The Big Boss Man and Al Snow from 1999. Considered to be one of the worst matches of all time by many, will Samuel see any merit in it? Or will he be more interested in dogs weeing on ringside mats? Have a listen to find out.

Please do have a listen and let us know your thoughts on this experiment by leaving us comments on Twitter at @HO_Wrestling or leaving us a review of the podcast on Apple Podcasts. The show is available on all major platforms now.

You can see the full collection of Hooked On Wrestling Podcast Network shows here.

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