HOW Mania: The Episode Where The Big Boys Play

Ash and Paul take a fond look back at their memories of WCW in the 90’s.

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Ash Rose of The Gorilla Position and Paul B of Hooked On Wrestling are back with the latest episode of HOW Mania: The 90s Wrestling Podcast.

As part of Hooked On Wrestling’s WCW Monday Nitro Week, the lads take a fond look back at their memories of WCW in the 90s, which were pretty much non-existent before 1995! 

  • How did fans in the UK find WCW and Monday Nitro?
  • Were you Team Nitro or Team Raw on a Friday night?
  • How did the NWO compare with DX?
  • And just how many hours did they burn through in the 90s playing WCW video games? 

As always, this is a podcast about how it felt to be a wrestling fan in the 90s. You can get your detailed recaps elsewhere but if you want to be reminded of just how awesome it felt to be a fan back in the day, then this is the podcast for you. 

You can see the full collection of Hooked On Wrestling Podcast Network shows here.

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