Hot Tag Wrestling: WCW Talk And All Out Preview

Justin C and The Chairman look ahead to All Out and give their predictions, along with some interesting opinions on WCW.

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In the final podcast of WCW Monday Nitro Week, Justin C and ‘The Chairman’ Steven Vincent are here to take part in the fun!

Before getting to WCW, Justin and The Chairman preview All Out.

  • What match should main event the show?
  • Is MJF the next AEW Champion?
  • Is a Mimosa Match really needed?

They give their thoughts and predictions.

After that Justin and The Chairman answer WCW questions everyone wants to know:

  • How would you have ended the nWo and Goldberg’s streak?
  • How would you have booked Bret Hart in WCW (you are going to love the Chairman’s answer)

They even talk about their favourite wrestlers and gimmicks from 2000 WCW (yes there are some).

They also look back at Booker T and Scott Steiner’s WCW runs. Was Sting really needed in the nWo Wolfpac? And just how bad was the Dungeon of Doom?

You can see the full collection of Hooked On Wrestling Podcast Network shows here.

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