Hooked On Wrestling Show: Kingsuke & The Shred

Ash and Paul take a look at the last seven days in the latest Hooked On Wrestling Show, and in particular focus on the SmackDown debut of Ric Boogs!

The Hooked On Wrestling Show

We are back with episode 14 of The Ric Boogs Sh….we mean, The Hooked On Wrestling Show!

Join Ash and Paul as they take a deep dive in to the week that was in WWE and AEW, with Paul frankly losing his mind over SmackDown’s Super Shredder!

Topics this week include:

  • NXT: Where are the champions on the brand heading as we move towards In Your House?
  • AEW: Looking forward to an excellent looking Double Or Nothing PPV.
  • SmackDown: Is Roman Reigns godly heel character sucking too much oxygen out of the brand?
  • Raw: Stuff happened.

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