Because WCW: WrestleWar 1991 w/ Dave Bradshaw

Dean and Liam are joined by wrestling commentator Dave Bradshaw to cover WrestleWar ’91 and WarGames!

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We let our special guests pick a pay-per-view or special WCW event to cover when they appear on the show, and many of them pick shows from the early 1990s. Who can blame them? To many of us growing up at that time, it was a true glory period, surpassed only by the nWo’s peak months.

Our latest third chair was no exception, as Dave Bradshaw – who has written, presented and commentated on pro wrestling all over Europe and on everything from digital TV to the WWE Network – selected WrestleWar, and WarGames!

Join us in recalling that time Sid Vicious attempted and came extremely close to single-handedly ruining a great edition of the famous double-cage score-settler, as well as such early 90s luminaries as The Freebirds, Doom, and, erm, State Patrol.

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