Because WCW: Slamboree 2000 With TV’s Adam Pearson

Dean and Liam are joined by British actor, presenter, campaigner and ardent wrestling fan Adam Pearson for their latest PPV recap.

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Earlier this year, Dean and Liam rewatched Spring Stampede 2000 and recalled how Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo’s publicised joint rescue attempt of WCW was taking on water after just six days. Three weeks later, their second PPV effort continued to confuse and depress.

The PPV that features actor David Arquette entering as the defending WCW World champion is rife with overbooking, extra-curricular nonsense and short-minded decision-making. But who better to join us for Arquette’s big show than fellow TV star Adam Pearson?

Pearson, like all of us, is a huge fan of the ‘Ready To Rumble’ triple cage structure that main events the show. It’s a shame nobody has brought it back since 2000, really…

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