3 Beers Deep: WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event 8th February 1992

Justin and Heather look back at the road to WrestleMania 8 and, in particular, the first Saturday Night’s Main Event after Royal Rumble 1992.

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For the first time on the 3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcast, Justin and Heather dive into 1992 WWF and take a look at Saturday Night’s Main Event from February 8, 1992.

Many people consider 1992 one of the most nostalgic years in the history of the WWE and Justin and Heather find it hard to argue. Hot off the Royal Rumble, this show sets the stage for WrestleMania 8.

How awful of a person was Hulk Hogan to Sid Justice? Justin and Heather talk about everything that happened in the build up with Sid and Hogan on this show.

Plus how Roddy Piper avoids being electrocuted by The Mountie’s shock stick, crazy Randy Savage, slimy heel Jake Roberts and more!

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