3 Beers Deep: WWE Raw 3rd April 1995

Justin and Heather sit down with some brews to watch the WWE Raw after WrestleMania 11 on the latest 3 Beers Deep podcast.

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Justin C and Heather start their look back at RAWs after WrestleMania on this week’s 3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcast!

Today they start with the RAW after WrestleMania 11. The night we see Sid powerbomb Shawn Michaels 3 times to close the show? Right? Listen along to find out.

Plus a really good women’s match between Alundra Blayze and Bull Nakano, thoughts on WrestleMania 11 and the year of 1995 as a whole, and what piece of WWF clothing Justin really wants by the end of the show.

Crack open some beers and watch along!

You can see the full collection of Hooked On Wrestling Podcast Network shows here.

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