3 Beers Deep: WWE Raw 22nd November 1999

Justin C and Heather go back to the Attitude Era, and specifically look at how Vince McMahon gets so involved in this episode.

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It is back to the Attitude Era on this week’s edition of the 3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcast!

Join Justin C and Heather as they go back to WWF Monday Night RAW from November 22 1999.

What is the importance of this episode? Well this was the first RAW Justin C ever attended!

Vince McMahon goes crazy on this episode as he out to get Triple H and D-X. Justin and Heather give the logistics of the episode and if it is actually possible for Vince to do what he does in time.

They also talk about just how great Kurt Angle was less than a month into his run and give their thoughts on the rest of the mid card in the WWF in 1999.Crack open some beers and watch along!

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