3 Beers Deep: WCW Great American Bash 1996 Part One

Justin C and Heather sit down for some 1996 WCW as they watch the first half of the Great American Bash on the latest 3 Beers Deep podcast.

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As they continue their rewatch of WCW 1996, Justin C and Heather get to the first of two PPVs they plan on watching. On this week’s 3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcast, they watch the first part of the 1996 WCW Great American Bash!

Crack some beers open with Justin and Heather as they do some great crowd watching, an opening tag match with two wrestlers who could not care less, a great Crusierweight title match and a main event at any house show in the WWF in 1991!

You can see the full collection of Hooked On Wrestling Podcast Network shows here.

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