3 Beers Deep: WCW Fall Brawl 1997 Part Two

Justin and Heather wrap up WCW Fall Brawl 1997 on this week’s 3 Beers Deep podcast.

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Justin and Heather are back to finish up their watch along of 1997 WCW Fall Brawl!

Topics discussed during their rewatch include:

  • What the hell were the Faces of Fear wearing?
  • The simpleness and effectiveness of the Larry Zbyszko/Scott Hall feud
  • Why weren’t The Four Horsemen treated as more of a threat to the nWo?
  • Is Lex Luger an attractive human being?

All that and more as Justin and Heather crack open some beers and watch the second half of the 1997 WCW Fall Brawl!

Listen to “3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcast: 1997 WCW Fall Brawl Part 2” on Spreaker.

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