3 Beers Deep: ECW November To Remember 1997 Part Two

Justin and Heather sit down for the second half of ECW November To Remember 1997, and in particular have a good time laughing at a comical tables and ladders match.

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Justin C and Heather are back to finish off their watch of ECW November to Remember 1997 this week on the 3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcast.

The second half of the show is filled with the stars of ECW in 1997. But is that a good thing? Surprisingly it was not. Listen and watch along as Justin and Heather try to figure out the rules of an ECW Flag Match between RVD and Tommy Dreamer and just who the hell has referee power in ECW.

After that, Sandman and Sabu have a Tables and Ladders match that Justin and Heather just can’t stop laughing at for all the wrong reasons. The show finishes with Bam Bam Bigelow defending the ECW Championship against hometown hero Shane Douglas. But the match does more to hurt Douglas than help him.

So crack open some beers (trust us you will need them) and listen along as Justin and Heather watch the second half of ECW November to Remember 1997!

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