3 Beers Deep: ECW Guilty As Charged 2000 Part One

In this week’s 3 Beers Deep podcast, Justin C and Heather take a closer look at the first half of ECW’s Guilty As Charged 2000.

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The 3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcast jumps back into the land of extreme this week as Justin C and Heather watch ECW Guilty As Charged 2000! The PPV is watched in two parts.

On this week’s show and on the first half of the PPV, we look at what ECW was on its way to becoming if it had stuck around longer.

Paul Heyman new he had to integrate more actual wrestling with his known hardcore style. And we see that in the first half of this PPV, specifically in a really good tag match which puts Super Crazy/Tajiri vs Little Guido/Jerry Lynn. And a surprise appearance by Dusty Rhodes.

Listen to “3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcast: ECW Guilty As Charged 2000 Part 1” on Spreaker.

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