EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The SummerSlam Kid’s Gonna Talk…Whether She Wants To Or Not!

We have puzzled over the identity of the child that told the British Bulldog he was going to win at SummerSlam 92 ‘Whether he wants to or not!’ Now SHE has been found and we have an exclusive interview.

SummerSlam 1992 - 'The British Bulldog Kid'

For almost thirty years fans have been left puzzled by the infamous words of one child in the introduction to SummerSlam 1992 outside Wembley Stadium. Decked out in a classic 90s shell-suit the boy (as were we all led to believe), all hyped-up on excitement over WWF’s biggest ever event on British shores utters the immortal line ‘The British Bulldog is going to win, whether he likes it not!’. 

The words and identity of the child had almost become a wrestling version of Loch Ness – Just where on earth where they now? That was until this very week when the true identity of ‘The SummerSlam Kid’ was finally revealed as then 10-year-old Aimee Dunn from Doncaster – who knew nothing of her infamy in the wrestling world.

Credit: WWE

“It’s a video that’s shared amongst our family every year, but I had no idea that the clip so was so famous in the wrestling world.” Aimee told our 90s wrestling podcast HOW Mania in an exclusive interview with SummerSlam’s most sought after fan. 

“It’s been a very strange week. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing, I’ve had t-shirts made and people wanting to speak to me about the clip. It’s mad to be honest, because for twenty-eight years we’ve laughed about it and my friends have shared it on Facebook and never really thought much more about it until I found out how famous it was.”

It was Aimee’s husband Stacy who finally made the connection, replying to a YouTube video of the interview (by the ‘Wrestle With Andy’ YouTube channel) and question ‘Where are they now’. Commenting on the post with the words ‘I know where she is, she’s my wife’ and resolving a mystery that’s bugged wrestling fans for decades. Now to get to the bottom of what message Aimee was actually trying to send Davey Boy Smith outside the Twin Towers of Wembley.

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“I don’t actually know what I was meant to say! All I remember was as I was finishing my Dad gave me a clip round the back of the head because he couldn’t believe I’d said it wrong! Then, when we sat in the stadium the clip kept playing on the big screen and I kept thinking oh god, what have I said. Who knew it would be remembered so fondly twenty-eight years later?” 

Remembered so well that t-shirts have been made of the moment, GIFS and memes shared throughout the internet and even an action figure made of ‘The SummerSlam Kid’. All of which have given Aimee a slice of fame she never knew she had and created a new wrestling fan in her eight-year-old daughter. 

“My daughter thinks it’s brilliant and that her Mum is now a celebrity. She’s checking the internet every day and I think we’ve made a new wrestling fan in the process. Although she does keep calling me a mushroom head!” 

Yes, we couldn’t speak to Aimee without mentioning the haircut and almost thirty-year assumption that SummerSlam Kid was indeed a boy. What does she blame that on?

“That would definitely be the bowl haircut that my Grandma gave me. It was very much of those days.”  

Hear the full interview with Aimee ‘SummerSlam Kid’ Dunn on the next episode of HOW Mania, The 90s Wrestling Podcast.

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Aimee has launched her own t-shirt, designed by Deckchair Design and available exclusively at WrestleMerchCentral.com

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