Wrestling’s Greatest Ever Great Things

No, you didn’t mis-read that headline: Marc has compiled the Greatest of the Greats!

Edge vs Randy Orton Greatest Wrestling Match Ever

With the ‘Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’ coming up this Sunday at Backlash I’m obviously overflowing with excitement.

As a lifelong wrestling fan I’ve been waiting for this match all of my life and can’t believe it’s been kept from us for so long.

I assume that following the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever, the entire wrestling landscape will have changed and we’ll have to take a few months out to process what we saw. 

Until then, here’s some other ‘Greats’ from the world of wrestling.


The Rock
Credit: WWE

The Rock – ‘The Great One’

I was thinking about doing an article on the former Rocky Maivia along the lines of a ‘Where Are They Now?’ kind of piece. The last match that I can find of his was a six second squash against Erick Rowan at Wrestlemania 32 and then he just falls off the grid.

He had a decent run in the WWE all told, a fair few championships reigns and was a fairly decent talker on the microphone but is that enough to call yourself ‘The Great One’? Maybe it was tongue-in-cheek. 

UPDATE: I’ve been informed that he does a lot of stunt work for Dwayne Johnson in Hollywood. [Citation needed].

Great Balls of Fire

Goodness gracious… someone had fun with that logo didn’t they? A one-off PPV event in 2017, it had an okay opening match with Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt which Wyatt won with an eye-poke followed by hitting Sister Abigail (The move, not a nun).

On This Day in Wrestling History...24th July

The Hardys fought Cesaro and Sheamus in a slow-burning 30-minute Ironman match that picks up the pace nicely around 20 minutes in, but the best match of the night was the fight that Samoa Joe brought to Brock Lesnar in the Championship main event. It was a short match – it’s Lesnar after all – but made Joe look like a serious threat to take the belt.

The Great Khali

Looking back on his matches and… he was tall wasn’t he?

Jeff Jarrett – “Ain’t I Great?!”

Jeff Jarrett made his wrestling debut when he was 18 and between then and now has had over 80 championship reigns in various promotions around the world [and impressively, more than half of them weren’t booked by a Jarrett – Ed].

A Hall of Famer in both TNA and WWE, he’s feuded with nearly anyone that’s put on a pair of wrestling boots and often finished with his guitar being smashed over their heads. 

Most recently he started a mini feud at the 2019 Royal Rumble with Elias which was carried over onto a couple of episodes of Raw then finished when Jarrett kabong-ed Elias with his guitar.

As he now is part of the WWE creative team, I’m hoping that he sings ‘With My Baby Tonight’ at LEAST once a year.

On This Day in Wrestling History...25th July
The Greatest Royal Rumble

Greatest Royal Rumble Fumble

No matter how much he tries to say it, Titus O’Neil did NOT have this planned. With comedy timing like that he’d have his own slapstick movie role or at the very least a decent two season sit-com.

Titus showing up is the absolute highlight of this main event without a doubt and the distance he gets on the slide? Unbelievable. 

Great American Bash

The Great American Bash was a PPV that went from NWA through WCW to WWE on and off from 1985 until 2012. The worst Great American Bash is seen as the 1991 version.

Ric Flair was supposed to be defending the big gold belt against Lex Luger but Flair was fired a couple of weeks before the event and left, taking the title with him. Luckily Dusty Rhodes had a belt at home so they borrowed that and stuck WCW on the front.

The main event was advertised as an intergender match featuring Rick Steiner and Missy Hyatt against Arn Anderson and… umm… Paul Heyman. As it turns out, Maryland State didn’t allow intergender matches at the time so Steiner fought it as a handicap match and won.

The Greatest Wrestler You’ve Never Heard Of (My Own Pick)

The Ultimate Warrior was the newly-crowned Intercontinental Champion at the end of October in 1988 and he needed a challenge. Step up the greatly-named Pork Chop Cash. Get over to YouTube and watch this match, its perfection. 

On This Day in Wrestling History...27th July

The way Pork Chop starts the match with a bit of comedy timing and follows it with incredible selling of all the Warriors moves. There’s no WAY Warrior would’ve gone on the winning the major championship belt without the help and input in this match from Pork Chop, he makes Warrior look like a star. 

Selfless, athletic and an all-round good guy, Pork Chop Cash deserves to be called the Greatest Wrestler You’ve Never Heard Of (Shout out to Gorilla Monsoon at the end of the match for the line ‘Stick a fork in the Pork Chop, he’s done!’).

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