Winners & Losers: This Week In Wrestling

Paul B looks at the winners and losers in the world of wrestling this week. Who’s stock has risen in WWE and AEW over the last seven days? And who’s has fallen?

The Elite & Matt Hardy - Stadium Stampede

Photo Credit: AEW

Once again, we are running down those individuals and entities who’s stock has risen over the past seven days in wrestling, and who’s has plummeted.

It’s been a good week. Many more in the positive column than the negative. Read on.


Austin Theory

From 3rd wheel and odd man out in Zelina Vega’s ‘jobber to the stars’ stable to pet project of the hottest heel act on the roster. Considering the rumours pegged him as heading back to NXT, that’s a serious upgrade for Theory.


Talk about instant results. Months with Lana as his mouthpiece led to a cuckold storyline and an enormous pile of nothing. A matter of hours with MVP looking after him and Lashley has a WWE Title match on PPV. Good call big man. Good call.

Drew McIntyre

Whilst it has been a shame that what is looking like what could be a superb title reign is taking place in front of no crowds and very few viewers, zero blame goes on to the head of the Sexy Scotsman, who continues to excel each week. McIntyre carries himself like a babyface champion like nobody has since early John Cena. A wonderful blend of likability, coolness and physical threat. He’s got this down pat. If you can have a strong TV match with King Corbin with no crowd involved, you’re doing something very right.

On This Day in Wrestling History...27th July

Karrion Kross & Scarlett

It’s been a while since a newcomer to NXT has made such an impact without a reputation as an elite in-ring wrestler. Kross has come in and is immediately one of the most celebrated wrestlers on the roster. The whole package surrounding he and Scarlett is pitch perfect and also unique. Little things like Scarlett singing along, well screaming along with hatred, to their theme song makes this whole thing hum. Kross’ first Takeover match with be against arguably the MVP of NXT, Tomasso Ciampa. And it doesn’t feel remotely out of place.

Karrion Kross

Drake Maverick

It might have taken his release to spark his WWE run into life but Drake Maverick is here and he is crushing it. Fans have a deep seated and genuine interest in his future. How long is it since someone trying to win a wrestling match felt so…real? This is Maverick’s charm and he has it in spades. Want to read more about it? Be my guest, click here.

Sammy Guevara

This kid just ‘gets it’, doesn’t he? Clearly under the Wing Of Jericho, it has clicked that the more absurd he makes himself while showing ass as a chickenshit heel, the more memorable and over he will eventually be. Only truly comfortable performers can do what Guevara is doing right now and he is on a roll.

On This Day In Wrestling...21st July


Cody told our chap Lewis Brown last week that this guy is the next breakout star of AEW. It’s not hard to agree. For a 24 year old performer he is so incredibly polished. His heel character has been well established and his match with Jungle Boy was the best on the Double Or Nothing show. An incredibly bright future beckons.

Chris Jericho, Tony Khan & Their Creative Cohorts

It’s almost certain that a number of fingers were in the creative pie, including most people in the match, but we know both Jericho and Khan had huge input into the Stadium Stampede so I’m singling them out.

What a triumph this match was. Everything WWE’s Money In The Bank match wasn’t. It was creative, funny, hard hitting, varied, original and just bloody entertaining. Seeing AEW’s name up all over a massive NFL stadium didn’t hurt the optics either. Just a home run (Or should that be, touchdown?) all round.

Hangman Page

I’m on a horse.


The Viking Raiders & The Street Profits

Another week, another incredibly lame comedy skit. This time, axe throwing. Neither of these two teams has had any real highlights on the main roster so the fall from grace isn’t exactly a long one. But a fall it is, and a continued one. Is anyone feeling more excited by their impending Tag Team Title match after this?

On This Day in Wrestling History...26th July

Mr Brodie Lee

It just isn’t clicking, is it? The parody gimmick that apparently isn’t deliberate, the comedy stable of followers, the look and now in the ring. The match against Mox at Double Or Nothing fell flat. Something extra is needed, quickly, because Lance Archer is a comparable act debuting at around the same time and he is light years ahead of the former Luke Harper.

Sleepy Mike Tyson

Come on Mike, it can’t have been that dull…

Mike Tyson

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