What Would A WWE vs New Japan Supercard Look Like?

Justin C imagines the impossible – who would do battle on a WWE vs NJPW mega-event?

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Now of course I would say this would have a 0.001% chance of happening as long as Vince McMahon is in charge. And I doubt it would ever happen even after Vince McMahon steps down or is no longer in charge of the WWE.

But what if? What if one day news breaks of a WWE and New Japan working relationship? How would that work? What would the possibilities be? I’d say that they are endless.

The first thing I would propose would be a yearly super card between both promotions for the International Pro Wrestling Cup. A ten match series leading to the winners of each match teaming up for their promotion at the end of the night to claim the trophy. I thought about doing a “Best of Nine” series but to me, it’s pointless because the fans wouldn’t be invested until the last match when it is tied.

So lets say this match card is put together today. Would would it look like? Lets take a look.

Daniel Bryan vs Zack Sabre Jr.

This one was an easy no brainer for me. ZSJ is one of, if not the best technical wrestler in pro wrestling. Who is someone that could match that on the WWE side? Enter Daniel Bryan. If there is someone that could match ZSJ submission for submission in the WWE it would be Bryan. Daniel Bryan would get the win here to advance on for Team WWE.

Backstage R-Truth is walking around with his 24/7 title, when out pops Toru Yano from around the corner! Yano tries offering Truth a DVD, which Truth accepts. But when Truth opens it Yano pushes it in his face because there was salt inside. Yano rolls up Truth and he is the new 24/7 champ!

Roman Reigns vs Tomohiro Ishii

Whenever I thought about who could face Ishii on this card, the possibilities in my mind were endless. If you watched Ishii in this G1, or any G1, you know that he can have a banger of a match with anyone that he steps in the ring with. Now imagine how great of a match he would have with this current heel version of Roman Reigns. I think Roman would match Ishii’s strong style with his own, and in the end he gets the win and move on to join Team WWE.

Backstage Jay White is walking to the ring for his match when he runs into Seth Rollins. Rollins tells White that he sees a lot of himself in White, and he hopes one day they are able to work together. White tells Rollins that he is nothing like Seth, because unlike Seth, he is a leader who keeps his followers and is the leader of the most dominant faction in all of pro wrestling.

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AJ Styles vs Jay White

The current and former leaders of the Bullet Club collide in this one. I know some people aren’t as high on Jay White as I am, but I think he is one of the best heels in all of pro wrestling. And I maintain that this version of the Bullet Club over the last year is much better than the Elite version of the Bullet Club was. At least this Bullet Club is back to its roots of being heels rather than trying to be cool. And you know what? I am giving White the win here. AJ is at the point of his career when he could take a loss and losing to Jay White isn’t bad at all.

Randy Orton vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

Two long standing members of both companies go head to head here. I honestly thought about putting Orton up against Okada, but that is something I think can be saved somewhere down the line. Plus I have other plans for Okada on this card. We all know when Randy Orton is motivated he can put on a great match and one would hope he would be motivated to fight one of the greatest wrestler’s in New Japan history. Tanahashi gets the win here to even up the sides at two a piece.

But as Tanahashi is celebrating his victory, John Cena’s music hits! Out comes Cena as he hits the ring. Cena and Tanahashi have a stare down as the crowd chants “This is awesome!” Cena says for years, pro wrestling fans have talked about a night like this. And he wishes he could have wrestled tonight. But he didn’t know if would be able to make it.

Cena says his schedule freed up at the last minute. Cena says for years, people have talked about what would happen if the Face of the WWE took on the Ace of New Japan. And while that may not have been able to happen tonight, he wants it to happen. On January 4, inside the Tokyo Dome. The Ace vs The Face. Tanahashi accepts and plays his air guitar and tosses it to Cena who plays it as well. Both men shake hands as Cena leaves the ring.

Yano is walking around backstage with his new 24/7 title. When he stumbles into the New Day. Yano backs away at first before the New Day welcomes him. They offer him some pancakes in exchange for a DVD. But as Yano is enjoying himself, New Day throws the pancake plate in his face and R-Truth sneaks in to get his 24/7 title back.

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Seth Rollins vs Tetsuya Naito

I don’t know why, but I feel like these two would have great chemistry with each other. I can’t put my finger on it but it is there. I think Naito’s tranquillo mind set would cause fits for Rollins. And I think Rollins would sell those fits tremendously. And I think Rollins and Naito could work a style of match that wouldn’t be harmful for Natio’s slowly wearing down body. Naito would win here to make it 3 for New Japan and 2 for the WWE.

As Rollins is walking backstage after his loss, Jay White walks up to him and simply tells him “I told you that you were nothing like me.”

Drew McIntyre vs Will Ospreay

Two stars from over the years on the British scene square off in this match. Ospreay has been bulking up to get to heavyweight status in New Japan. And McIntyre has been having great matches as WWE Champion. Ospreay is big enough that I don’t think he would look out of place size wise in a match against McIntyre. Plus I think Ospreay would sell the Claymore Kick like death when he took it. The sides are evened up at 3 with Drew getting the victory.

Roman Reigns is backstage getting interviewed about tonight, but before he can say anything, Minoru Suzuki steps into the ring. Suzuki simply states “You don’t scare me tribal chief” and walks away.

Kofi Kingston vs Kota Ibushi

It’s amazing to me that Kota Ibushi was once in a WWE ring before and they didn’t decide to capitalize on it. Ibushi put on great match after great match in the Cruiserweight Classic. I don’t think the WWE, well Vince in particular, would have ever got the appeal of Ibushi. Kofi’s main event run last year elevated him to a spot on this card. Ibushi picks up the win. New Japan 4, WWE 3.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kazuchika Okada

The two former leaders of CHAOS square off. I honestly thought about not doing this match right away and saving it down the line. It still could be a big match in Japan even though it is done here. Nakamura never really got a proper NJPW send off. We also know Nakamura is kind of coasting in the WWE at this point but I would hope that he could turn it up a notch in this match. But in the end, Okada gets the win and New Japan has a team of 5 at the moment to go up against the WWE’s team of 3.

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Keith Lee vs EVIL

Evil’s run on top has been quite disappointing for me. But he is being booked as one of the top guys in NJPW right now so I have to put him on the card here. So why not use him to put over someone the WWE likely sees as a top star down the line? That is where Keith Lee enters the picture. Lee overcomes the interference of BC and gets the win for Team WWE.

20 Man Battle Royal

The last spot is determined by a battle royal. Ten wrestlers from New Japan and ten from the WWE. On the NJPW side, we have: KENTA, Sanada, Taichi, Hirooki Goto, Yoshi Hashi, Shingo Takagi, Juice Robinson, Minoru Suzuki, Jeff Cobb and SHO. On the WWE side we have Big E, Sheamus, Lashley, Braun Strowman, Jeff Hardy, Matt Riddle, Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens and Rey Mysterio. Now of course, we have to even up the sides here so Big E gets the win by eliminating Shingo.

This leads us to our final 5-on-5 match.

Team WWE (Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, Keith Lee, Big E) vs Team New Japan (Jay White, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tetsuya Naito, Kota Ibushi and Kazuchika Okada)

Now if we are doing this right, we need to have New Japan come out victorious on the first show. So it is OKAY for some people to take clean pinfalls here. But there can be some shenanigans. Jay White gets distracted by Seth Rollins which causes his elimination. And Minoru Suzuki pulls Roman Reigns out of the ring and they brawl up the ramp, causing Roman to get counted out.

It comes down to Naito and Okada against McIntyre. But despite Drew’s best efforts, Naito and Okada come out victorious for NJPW and they win the first ever International Pro Wrestling Cup.

So what else do we get out of this relationship? As you can see if I was booking I would already have set up Tanahashi/Cena, Rollins/White and Roman/Suzuki down the line.

I would have maybe two people from the WWE in the G1 and have some NJPW wrestlers in the Royal Rumble. I would definitely have a Tanahashi/Cena rematch at Wrestlemania, and that is probably where I would do Rollins/White too. You wouldn’t want to over do all of this but a little here and there in between the yearly super card would keep things going for both sides.

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