Weekly Wrestling Winners & Losers

Paul B has been looking back at this week in wrestling to determine who had a week to remember and who in AEW and WWE would rather have had a seven day long duvet day.


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Every week Paul B takes a look back at the week in wrestling and highlights some of those of who have had stand out weeks and some that might want to mind wipe the last seven days out of existence.

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Randy Orton

Sometimes, the most obvious path is the correct one. That is certainly the case with Randy Orton facing Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam.

Orton has been arguably WWE’s top performer in 2020 and I would argue, has done his best work in possibly 15 years. It has truly been a wonderful thing to see. Of course he would be the man to face the champion at SummerSlam both in a kayfabe and non-kayfabe sense.

Expect the build and the match to deliver in spades and it is one of those rare beasts in WWE whereby either potential outcome on who works out as champ works splendidly.


By now we all know how good Murphy is in the ring and just how high this guy’s ceiling is. He hasn’t been given much to do other than being Seth Rollins’ lackey recently. That might be about to change.

Murphy was a stand out on Raw as he showed some resistance towards carrying out his leader’s nefarious plans when it came to Aleister Black’s eye. It showed a really interesting wrinkle in Murphy’s position that can be exploited now or parked for later down the line.

Undisputed Era

A high profile wrestling manager referred to this group as the second coming of The Four Horsemen this week and he wasn’t wrong. However, UE have been treading water for a number of weeks so it was fantastic to see them attack Imperium this week to gain some direction and momentum. Where are they heading now? A face turn? A heel vs. heel feud? Who knows. But we all know it will be fantastic with these boys involved.

On This Day in Wrestling History...25th July


AEW’s best pure heel is now heading to the main event as he looks set to lock horns with Jon Moxley at the Revolution PPV.

AEW really have timed it to perfection with this move. It feels neither too rushed, nor too laboured. He is the right guy in the right spot at the right time.

His promo this week denouncing Moxley’s ‘reign of terror’ was on the money and we can expect a fun programme that enhances both men going into their match. Should MJF win the belt? Not for my money. Let’s keep it on Mox a little longer. MJF’s time will come soon enough.

Sonya Deville

She has been missed!

There’s a real talent here that is ready to shine. It’s an easy (And possibly very lazy) comparison to make but there’s a lot of Victoria/Tara in Deville and she seems to have really found a way to channel that inner rage into a genuinely unsettling character.

It is early days but I have extremely high hopes for her future.

Big E

A winner once again for not only starting his singles push with a credible win over The Miz but also using the Brock Lock as a new finisher in the same week that I waxed lyrical about the old move on the HOW To Be Great podcast and wondered why nobody used it now. Cheers E!

On This Day in Wrestling History...26th July

This does feel like the start of something special and planned long term. If anything, I would liken it to the start of Bret Hart’s singles career. Both started off with a clean and amicable break from their team (So no potentially hindering ex-partner feud to deal with) and both seem like they will be based on how deserving the wrestler is in-ring. Clearly I am not comparing Big E in style to Bret Hart in any way, but for those that remember how it felt in 1991, the fan sentiment and aura around it feel familiar.

Shorty G

Baby steps, but the booking this week (And King Corbin being at pains to call him Chad), suggests this hugely talented performer might finally be taken seriously and stop having to wrestle with an absurd name and a high-school basketball player’s wardrobe.

The Bella Twins

Congratulations to Nikki, Brie and their significant others.

It takes some serious ‘Twin Magic’ (Or a scary and obsessive level of planning) for two twin sisters to give birth to baby boys within 24 hours of each other. Impressive!


Finn Balor

Photo Credit: WWE

His stock seemingly continues to fall. When he came back to NXT, it was with the expectation of him being a main eventer who can carry the brand. As it has turned out, he’s not even holding anchor in the midcard.

This week he was the third wheel in a triple threat match with Timothy Thatcher and Dexter Lumis. Two men with far more interesting characters and seemingly brighter futures than Balor.

Where does he go from here? Do the creative team have something significant in store for him? Let’s hope so because he is in danger of becoming just another face in the crowd.

On This Day in Wrestling History...27th July

Brian Cage

For an unstoppable monster heel, he seems to have been stopped an awful lot already, doesn’t he?

With the tag team loss on Dynamite this week, he is clearly being moved past as a threat to Moxley’s title. In hindsight, rushing him in to that spot was bad planning on AEW’s part. It left them nowhere to go. He would have been much better served plotting a path of destruction through the lower reaches of the card for a few months. That way, after he got to the champion, even a loss wouldn’t seem so bad as it would have come on the back of a trail of wins and domination.

If the creative team are serious about Cage as a player at the top of the card, the rehabilitation of his character needs to start now. It doesn’t need to be rushed but it does need to be consistent and patient.



Does she? I’m not so sure. Whilst she clearly looks the part, I have never been convinced of her fundamentals as an actual wrestler either in ring or on the microphone. In what areas is she better than Sasha Banks, Bayley or Asuka? I’m not sure there is a single aspect of the craft that she is better in than any of those talented ladies.

Having said that, more knowledgeable folk than me clearly she huge potential in her so I genuinely look forward to being proved wrong!

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