The 10 Best Crowd-Popping Wrestling Entrance Themes

Lewis Brown tries to decide the 10 wrestling themes that were the very best at making the crowd go wild.

The Ultimate Warrior

photo: WWE

Entrance music for wrestlers has been around since the 1950s with stars such as Gorgeous George using music to add a touch of oomph to the entrance. Nowadays everyone has some music to go along with their walking down the ramp.

Entrance music serves to create ambiance like with The Undertaker’s gong, but the main purpose is to get the crowd hyped to see their favourite star in action.

Some theme songs do a better job than other and that’s what we are going to be looking at in this list. Just a disclaimer, this is about the music not the wrestler so no matter how good the wrestler is, if the music on its own isn’t great, it won’t be featured.

10. The Ultimate Warrior – Unstable

What better way to kick off our list than with arguably one the best theme songs of all time? This one worked so well to get everyone hyped with the constant rapid beat and guitar riffs. It fitted the Ultimate Warrior to a tee and I feel like it set up the usual squash match from Warrior perfectly.

9. Stone Cold Steve Austin – I Won’t Do What You Tell Me

That glass shatter. Need I say more? It could come out of nowhere and when it did, there was no one in the crowd left seated. You normally could not even hear the rest of the song over the cheers but when you did, it’s very intense and sets up that angry stomp down the ramp. Or in some cases, quad bike ride down the ramp.

8. Hardy Boyz – Loaded

This one for me is so good due the nostalgia of it, but even back in the day, this song with the electro vibes and rhythmic guitar slamming always got me excited to see some crazy spots and broken furniture. It fit the noughties Hardy Boyz so well and I remember screaming and cheering at 3am watching Wrestlemania 33.

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7. Chris Jericho – Judas

It had to be here. By far the least tenured theme song on the list, Judas was first used by Jericho after he left WWE and joined NJPW and now it is a staple of AEW. The whisper at the start builds the anticipation and the straightforward vocals allows the crowd to sing along.

I have to admit, I struggle to stop myself singing along when I watch AEW. With Judas, due to it being a genuine rock song, it is a song you could listen to anytime. It’s in a number of my Spotify playlists.

The crowd participation make this one of the greats. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, check out the video on YouTube of Jericho coming out on his cruise. A smaller crowd and even then, they hijack the song and even when it ends, they all keep it going. It’s great.

6. Mark Henry – Somebody’s Gonna Get It

So this is actually one I totally forgot about but got suggested to me for this list and going back and listening to it. Yeah, it is actually really good.

It was by no means a complex ballad or a tonne of instruments turned up to 11 but it did an amazing job of creating the right feeling for Mark Henry, especially during the Hall of Pain run he had. When he walked out with the World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder, I believed somebody was, in fact, gonna get their ass kicked.

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5. The New Day – Feel The Power

AWWWWWWH HOOKED ON! DON’T YOU DARE BE SOUR! How can we talk about entrances without mentioning The New Day?

The crowd participation! Mentioning the town/city they’re in! The dancing! The Pancakes! All of these things make New Day’s entrances one of the greatest of all time. The music fits in so well with everything else. It’s such a catchy beat and Big E in particular has taken this entrance to G.O.A.T status.

4. Shinsuke Nakamura – Rising Sun

Now before we get into this, I just want to be clear. I mean the old one. The new theme is good by all means with the Japanese vocals, but there was just something about the violin. It did a great job of creating the right atmosphere for Nakamura and again one of the key factors that make this great is the crowd participation.

Rarely do you see a crowd sing along with a theme as loud as they did with Shinsuke’s and even rarer when there aren’t even any vocals. Honestly just go and watch any NXT Takeover event when he was champion and you’ll see the crowd go absolutely crazy.

3. Sami Zayn – Worlds Apart

I love this one. One of my personal favourites, Worlds Apart just gets me psyched. It is just so upbeat. This song actually worked just as well with Sami’s heel turn as well because he went from loveable, happy-go-lucky face dancing down to the ring to obnoxious, sarcastic heel, dancing in spite of the hate and contempt for him.

Similar to Rising Sun, watching the Takeover events when the crowd totally hijack the show and sing the theme song despite there not actually being any words in it just brings me joy. I dare you to listen to this song and not at least bop your head along.

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2. CM Punk – Cult of Personality

CM Punk

Although I love his Killswitch Engage theme from days gone by, when CM Punk returned with Cult of Personality after fleeing with the WWE Championship it was one of the biggest pops in the modern era.

The static at the start works really well with the whole “Voice of the Voiceless” gimmick he had at the time and the guitar and vocals are just the right level of intense. This is one of the few themes in WWE that the actual lyrics of the song fit the character perfectly. At that time in WWE, Punk truly was the ‘Cult of Personality’

Honourable Mentions:

Now we couldn’t put all the great theme songs on this list because there are just too many. Here’s the ones that almost made the list.

Edge – Metalingus
RVD – One of a Kind/Walk
Randy Orton – Voices
Goldberg – Invasion
Becky Lynch – Celtic Invasion

And finally. Nope, scratch that, let me try again.



1. The Rock – Electrifying

IF YA SMEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! What list of theme songs would be complete without the most electrifying theme in all of sports entertainment?

From the little “The Rock Says…” vocals, to the very catchy drum beat, to the magnificent bass guitar. This theme song just hits all the right notes (pardon the pun) to create a feeling of intensity. Everything about this song is great and it really stands the test of time.

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