Roundtable: WWE Survivor Series 2020 Preview

WWE Survivor Series takes place on Sunday November 22nd and The Hooked On Wrestling team have made their predictions for the night.

WWE Survivor Series 2020 - The Undertaker's Final Farewell

Survivor Series 2020 goes down on Sunday November 22nd on BT Sport Box Office and the WWE Network. You can get all the info you need about the card from our dedicated event page here.

We asked some of our team to post their thoughts on who is going to emerge victorious on Sunday and what they expect from the event.

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WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Universal Champion Roman Reigns

Credit: WWE

Ash Rose: The intrigue in this match has gone up tenfold thanks to Drew’s win on Monday night. Nothing against Randy, who’s had a standout 2020, but the dynamics of the hottest babyface in the company against the hottest heel make this feel like a massive match. With so much stock in both I can’t see a clean finish, so I expect to see Jey Uso, Orton and possibly The Fiend all involved and give Drew a win via disqualification. 

Marc Hemingway: This is a tough one to call, on one hand Reigns has been on a major roll since returning and I can see that continuing for some time, but on the other Drew has only just regained the WWE Championship and it’ll be way too soon for him to take a clean loss against Roman. I can see Reigns standing tall at the end of the match but it’ll be because of outside interference from Jey Uso. Roman wins, but with help from Jey.

Gary Tait: This match was only announced this week and came as a bit of a surprise for two reasons. Firstly, they put the title back on Drew so soon and secondly, that this match is happening so quickly. It’s hard to call a winner, as whoever loses the match, loses some steam, which both need to keep. With that said, I am going with Roman but it won’t be a clean victory.

Cameron Bennett: I am very much looking forward to this one. Who’d have thought this would be so eagerly anticipated after their match at Wrestlemania last year? A big win for the Tribal Chief here via an interfering Uso. 

Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn vs. United States Champion Bobby Lashley

Credit: WWE

Ash Rose: WWE haven’t put much promotion into this one, which makes me think it will be a quick affair. Given the run The Hurt Business have been on I’d give the edge to Lashley with probably interference from the rest of his cohorts. I’m just glad there’s been no mention of Bobby’s sisters this time around. 

Marc Hemingway: Zayn is a brilliant heel and has used brilliant heel tactics to get the wins lately. I doubt he can win this match against Lashley head to head (especially if the rest of the Hurt Business are at ringside) so a little Sami-savviness will be needed (whether handcuffs, tying his opponent up in the ring apron or something new.) Zayn to win.

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Gary Tait: This match has run ins galore written all over it. Lashley has been a dominent champion since winning it from Apollo Crews, since then, it’s all been about The Hurt Business v RETRIBUTION. I fully expect run ins during this match but I still expect a Lashley win.

Cameron Bennett: Will Zayn get a big win as the underdog fighting from underneath? Will Lashley’s power and size be too much to overcome? Will Bobby’s sisters get involved? Big Bobby to win this one. 

Raw Women’s Champion Asuka vs. SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks

Credit: WWE

Ash Rose: We’ve seen a lot of these together in 2020, making this match possibly less exciting than previous ‘brand v brand’ champion matches. I have no doubt it will a stellar showing between the ropes, but with Asuka without even a challenger to her title on Raw and Sasha coming out of the Bayley rivalry, there’s no real story for either. Could go either way, but I’m going for a win for Team Raw. 

Marc Hemingway: Back in July Banks beat Asuka (by countout) for the Raw Womens title but then lost it back to her the next month, so surely Asuka has the upper hand mentally coming into this match. However, Sasha will be out to prove that she can win the big matches and I think that’s going to push her on to get the win. Asuka doesn’t lose often, but I think she’ll possibly tap out on Sunday. Banks to win.

Gary Tait: Sure, we have seen this match before, just recently at Summerslam, but they always tend to deliver. Sasha has just won the title and recently defended it, with the next challanger apparently looking like Carmella. I see some interference with this match, and for that reason, I am going with the the Empress Of Tomorrow for the win.

Cameron Bennett: Oh boy, this Wednesday we had 2 steller Women’s matches with Serena Deeb Vs Thunder Rosa and Io Shirai Vs Rhea Ripley but this one has the potential to top them both. 

I’m going with Asuka to get the victory here due to Sasha’s poor record in singles matches whilst champion and unabashed favouritism. 

Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits

Credit: WWE

Ash Rose: This feels like a meeting that should have been saved for a ‘bigger’ stage where storyline put these teams together rather than the tired brand supremacy gimmick. The New Day, arguably the greatest tag team in modern WWE against a Street Profits team who I believe have main event level potential, yet it feels like just another match because there’s no actual story between the two. Nevertheless, I’m going for Street Profits win in a subtle passing of the torch style match – and lots of dancing/hugging post match between the four. 

Marc Hemingway: The Street Profits need this win a lot more than the New Day do. Both teams will no doubt showcase some huge moves and plenty of jumps and it’ll end with the Profits having their hands raised at the end. Then a handshake between all four wrestlers. Street Profits to win.

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Gary Tait: The champs that switched brands recently in the WWE Draft (remember that)? This has the potential to be match of the night for me, if giving the correct amount of time. I think experience wins this one, so I am going with New Day.

Cameron Bennett: Kofi and Montez in the same match at the same time = gold. And I ain’t talking championships. New Day will pick up the win in what I expect to be another Match Of The Night contender. 

Elimination Match: Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Lacey Evans, Peyton Royce and Lana vs. Bianca Belair, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, Bayley and Natalya

Credit: WWE

Ash Rose: The Raw team has ended up an even bigger mishmash thanks to the injuries to Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose, although I’m pleased to see Peyton Royce given a small spotlight. While on the blue side, Chelsea Green’s expected  place on Team SmackDown was also curtailed through injury, meaning there’s probably been a few re-writes in this one. One thing I’m almost convinced of though is Lana being the sole survivor. WWE have almost telegraphed this ending with her current angle and I’ll be surprised if that’s not what takes place on Sunday. 

Marc Hemingway: This decision in this match is going to come down to Lana. She’s been through table after table after table (repeat, twice) and as such I think she’s going to turn on her teammates, specifically Nia Jax, at a crucial point in the match giving the win to the Smackdown women.

Gary Tait: Originally, I had a feeling the Lana storyline would sort of conclude with her turning full face during this match and being sole surivor but I don’t believe they are going to have Belair lose whilst trying to build her up as they are. I do believe Lana will be the last woman standing for Raw but due to Nia putting her through a table again, team Smackdown gets the win.

Cameron Bennett: Smackdown to win, Lana to cost team Raw the win as payback against Nia & Shayna and Bayley to emerge, once again the sole survivor. 

Elimination Match: AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, Riddle, Sheamus and Keith Lee vs. Jey Uso, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, King Corbin and Otis

Credit: WWE

Ash Rose: Forsaking a rant about the whole Raw vs. SmackDown theme, these matches are always very entertaining even with the red and blue tomfoolery that comes with it. AJ Styles team of squabblers means I’m leaning towards SmackDown taking this one, possibly down to a relentless Jey Uso taking it more seriously than anyone else, in the name of his family and tribal chief – I’d hedge my bets on him being the sole survivor. 

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Marc Hemingway: Because of all the bickering this week on Raw I feel the three big men on the Raw team (Braun, Sheamus and Lee) will end up causing each other to get eliminated from the match early on. AJ and Riddle will eliminate a few of the Smackdown wrestlers and then against the odds will come out on top. Raw to win.

Gary Tait: The build for this one has mainly been around the two teams coexisting with each other more than the match itself, although i do expect that to change on the go home episode of Smackdown. Either team could win here in all honesty as I don’t see many stories coming out of the match itself. With that said, I am going with Team Raw for this one.

Cameron Bennett: Team Raw can’t get along. Team Smackdown is……. Also involved. And someone else is looking for a little…… Retribution. I’m going Smackdown again.

The Undertaker’s Final Farewell

Credit: WWE

Ash Rose: I’m in two minds with this. The sensible side of me thinks this will just what it says on the tin, a lovely send off for Taker with a host of famous friends that would feel like the celebratory end his career deserves. However, I just have this hope/inkling in the back of my mind that we may see something of an interruption that leads to one more dance for The Deadman at WrestleMania next year – especially if it’s the first event where fans would be allowed to attend. Question is, who? who? who?

Marc Hemingway: There’s going to have to be plenty of video packages and backstage segments for the Undertaker to pay tribute to the legend before the man himself comes to the ring and says his goodbyes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire locker room was out for the speech. Will he get physical with anyone? Probably not but I’d love to see one last Tombstone before he goes. I would even settle for it being against the Gobbledygooker.

Gary Tait: It’s all about the Undertaker and quite rightly so with WWE celebrating 30 years of The Phenom. I expect some surprises along the names we already know, and if I don’t get a Ted Dibiase cameo at some point, I riot. Outside of some nice throwbacks, I firmly see Taker hitting one last tombstone on a current star. My money for that goes to either Elias or Corbin. Bonus- The Fiend will make some form of appearance during the Undertaker segment. 

Cameron Bennett: I’ve just got two words for ya…The Fiend. 

Pre-Show Interpromotional Battle Royal

Survivor Series Kick-Off Logo
Credit: WWE

Paul Benson: As this match hadn’t been announced when I asked our guys for their predictions, I thought I would step in. I’m picking Mustafa Ali for this one. RETRIBUTION needs…something to get them revving. Maybe this could be it?

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