Roundtable: AEW Full Gear Preview

AEW Full Gear takes place this Saturday and we have asked the Hooked On Wrestling team to give their thoughts on what to expect from each match.

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Saturday sees AEW’s final PPV of 2020, Full Gear, take place at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida.

We asked a few members of the Hooked On Wrestling team to weigh in with their predictions for the night. Agree? Disagree? You can give us your picks by entering our predictions contest HERE.

AEW World Championship Match: Jon Moxley © vs Eddie Kingston (I Quit Match)

Credit: AEW

Marc Hemingway: Moxley already has a win over Kingston when he submitted him using a bulldog choke hold back in September, but Kingston didn’t tap out, he passed out. Going into this match I would love to see Kingston reach the top of the company by making Moxley quit but I can’t see it happening, Moxley is a very decent champion and doesn’t have it in him to say that he quits. Kingston quits, Moxley retains. 

Paul Benson: Whilst Eddie Kingston has surprised the world with just how great he has been since joining AEW, this simply doesn’t feel like the calibre of match that a company of the profile AEW aspires should be presenting as a world title match on PPV. In fact, I don’t believe this will be the main event (more on that later) which actually makes it far more understandable. That said, I am not down on this match. It feels deeply personal, it feels violent, it feels exciting. Both guys are clearly in their element and playing their parts to perfection. I love a wild brawl and these guys are going to deliver just that. Moxley wins, of that I have no doubt. I’m expecting this one not to be for the faint of heart.

Gary Tait: I’ve really enjoyed the build to this match and this past Wednesday was Moxley’s strongest promo performance in some time. Moxley has been consistent in this run with the title, although the build to the matches have at times left a lot to be desired. I am also happy Kingston, a solid performer for years, is getting a shot at a title. 

With that said, it’s hard to imagine Moxley losing the title. I expect this match to be brutal. Winner- Jon Moxley.

Lewis Brown: This one could go one of two ways. Either after a hard-fought match, Moxley comes out the clean winner to go on to face the winner of Hangman vs Omega, or what I think will happen, Moxley will quit out of sympathy for Kingston. They’ve been building the relationship between these two and the fact that Moxley loves Kingston. If Kingston keeps refusing to quit, I could see this happening. I could see Mox joining Kingston’s stable. An added reason I think this may happen is to give Kingston a major promotion title run that is well deserved. I’m betting Kingston.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match: FTR © vs Young Bucks (The Bucks can never challenge for titles again if they lose. Tully Blanchard is banned from ringside)

Credit: AEW

Marc Hemingway: 100% going with the Young Bucks on this one. Cody already lost a similar match and I don’t see AEW doing the same to the Bucks. Tully Blanchard is now banned from ringside too which goes in the Young Bucks favour and will be a bit of a boost for them. New tag team champs.

Paul Benson: genuine modern day dream match pits not only two of the best tag teams in the world against each other but also two of the most polarising. Both have completely different styles and mindsets for what wrestling should be and both have their fiercely loyal fanbases as a result. This one might end up being the most partisan event in America this week. Well actually….Maybe not…

On This Day In Wrestling History… July 30th

In the best traditions of top tier matches, I haven’t a clue who is winning. Normally I would say FTR but the stipulation about the Bucks not challenging again if they lose gives me serious pause for thought. As I can’t truly pick a winner, let’s go for something outrageous, shoot for the moon and make myself look like a wrestling genius if it comes off. Earlier in the night. Tully can’t come to ringside and help FTR….But Arn Anderson could! What about this event being the night we see the formation of a new incarnation of The Four Horsemen with the former Revival joining forces with Cody Rhodes and A N Other to form a stable dripping in gold and wrestling heritage? It’s a bold one prediction for sure but where is the fun in sitting on the fence?

Gary Tait: This match has been in the making for some time, with FTR saying it was one of the reasons they asked for their release from WWE. The build hasn’t been as good as many fans expected but I believe this match actually closes the show. 

I’m not a fan of the stipulation though, especially when Cody used it a year ago. Winner- New Tag Team Champs, The Young Bucks.

Lewis Brown: I think FTR will be winning here. It makes sense. I think they will play up Matt Jackson’s injury to allow FTR to take advantage and pick up the win. I think the whole “If I can’t beat you I’ll never challenge again” is being done for the inevitable heel turn where The Elite win all the titles.

AEW Women’s Championship Match: Hiroku Shida © vs. Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero)

Credit: AEW

Marc Hemingway: Rose will be doing everything she can to win back the belt she lost to Shida back in May and get herself back on top of the Women’s Division. Hopefully she’ll put in a dominating performance and show herself as a monster heel. Rose wins, new champion.

Paul Benson: I smell a title change here. The women’s division in AEW still labours on with little fanfare and next to no spark. Shida has been another champion that has failed to catch fire. Maybe time to try something else? Rose to win.

Gary Tait: This match has had little to no build. It’s an issue AEW really need to fix. Shida has been a good champ but with very little to do. 

It’s time to let a monster heel have the title and let the AEW female roster chase for the title. Winner- Nyla Rose.

Lewis Brown: Really? These two? AGAIN?! We’ve seen this entire feud happen before which makes me think Shida will retain and she has already beaten Rose. AEW could do with focusing on building a few more top female stars to buff out that division a bit. Or just pull the damn trigger on Britt Baker.

TNT Championship Match: Cody © (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Darby Allin

Credit: AEW

Marc Hemingway: Cody Rhodes has won, lost and regained the TNT title within five months and I think he’s going to lose it again. Allin and Rhodes have had some decent matches but Allin needs to step it up a notch and take the belt home. Allin wins.

Paul Benson: Well I am kinda forced to stick to my prediction above in the tag title match aren’t I? But it would also work if Allin wins so I don’t know? Nah, go with my gut. Cody retains.

Gary Tait: This rivalry has been on and off during the last year and it’s been enjoyable for the most part. This one is also really hard to call. Allin needs the win here to help solidify him as a rising star. However, Cody has lost the title once already and then won it again rather quickly. 

On This Day In Wrestling History...28th July

It’s a tough one to call but I can’t see Cody dropping the title again so soon. Winner- Cody.

Lewis Brown: It’s Cody here. It’s gotta be Cody, Goddamn Rhodes. I like Darby Allin, I really do. But I see Taz and the gang getting involved to cost him victory.

World Championship Eliminator Tournament Final: Hangman Page vs. Kenny Omega

Credit: AEW

Marc Hemingway: Former Tag Team Champions fighting in a tournament final to crown the new number one contender is, in my opinion, going to be the match of the night. Page and Omega are going to put on a wrestling masterclass and as such I’m struggling to pick a winner, but gonna have to choose Omega. 

Paul Benson: This love-hate relationship between these two has been one of the absolute best things in the first proper year of the promotion. Masterful booking that finally looks like it is getting Omega where he needs to be. Who wins? The Cleaner in my opinion as I think he will be the man to dethrone Mox at the next PPV. But it could really go either way.

Gary Tait: This has been a slow building feud and it’s been a joy to watch Omega over recent weeks really starting to show what he is capable of as a singles star in the USA. 

The winner of this march gets a title shot and whilst both Page and Omega would be a good feud for Moxley, I feel they go with a feud that already has an established history. Winner- Kenny Omega.

Lewis Brown: I’m so ready for this match. This whole thing has been an example of what long-term storytelling can do for a match. Now when the tournament was first announced, it was obvious this was the end game, but that’s okay! AEW have proved that the obvious choice is sometimes the best choice. I’ll tell you this for free, if we see full on “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega, I will lose my mind.

Elite Deletion Match: Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara

Credit: AEW

Marc Hemingway: I think I’d always pick Hardy to win. (Let me check previous predictions…. yeah, pretty sure.) Not exactly sure what the Elite Deletion match will entail but a Hardy win would give a decent end to this feud.

Paul Benson: I’ll admit, I have no interest in this. I am over the whole cinematic match thing and Hardy’s character has been DOA in all its forms since arriving back in March. Guevara has to win this to give him some juice but it is very skippable for me.

Gary Tait: We are at the Hardy compound for this one, which should mean there is little controversary. This feud for the most part has been enjoyable, and Sammy is someone who in the future will be a massive star for AEW. 

I’d prefer the younger talent getting the win with this one, but being the type of match that favours Hardy, I’m going with Matt winning this one. Winner- Matt Hardy.

Lewis Brown: I’m starting to get a bit confused with this one, just with all the moving parts. I thought this programme was to get Sammy over, yet Matt has won after being legitimately knocked unconscious. I also feel like an “Elite Deletion” match favours another win for Hardy. I just want this feud to be over.

Chris Jericho vs. MJF (MJF joins The Inner Circle if he wins)

Credit: AEW

Marc Hemingway: I’d love to see MJF part of the Inner Circle and I think that’s what will happen on the PPV. Jericho and MJF have great on screen chemistry together and would be interesting to see MJF join up and possibly try to take over. MJF for the win.

On This Day In Wrestling History… July 29th

Paul Benson: When a heel vs heel match is built well, it is simply delicious. And my goodness has this been built to perfection. I think Jericho wins and then MJF decides to go another route and either start his own stable or join The Inner Circle by more hostile means at Jericho’s expense. I suspect this is the very start of a storyline that the protagonists have planned out well into the future. I can’t wait to see it work out. Jericho to win.

Gary Tait: I don’t believe this is a one and done match between the two. This feud has some legs left in it. I’ve enjoyed the interactions between both (yes, I even slightly enjoyed the singing promo). 

I have to think there is some long-term thinking going on with this one. Watching MJF in The Inner Circle opens up some fun interactions between the group. Winner MJF.

Lewis Brown: Similar to the main event I could see this go a couple of different ways. We could see MJF win and join. We could see him lose but still be accepted. We could see Wardlow turn on MJF or, more interestingly, The Inner Circle turn on Chris to follow MJF. But I have a different prediction. During MJF and Wardlow vs Proud and Powerful, Chris Jericho on commentary was hyping up Wardlow the entire match. I think we could see Chris win and asking Wardlow to join instead of MJF. MJF said it himself, he’s not a team player. And I would like to see him stand on his own two feet.

Orange Cassidy vs. John ‘4’ Silver

Credit: AEW

Marc Hemingway: Cassidy wins, easily.

Paul Benson: The night is not going to be long for John Silver. Orange Cassidy all day long. I expect shenanigans and maybe we are leading to a big Cassidy vs. Brodie Lee match. Who knows, but I pick Cassidy here.

Gary Tait: It is good to see Silver getting a match on the card, but Orange Cassidy is the star in this one. I simply don’t see Cassidy losing this one. Winner- Orange Cassidy.

Lewis Brown: Simple. Freshly Squeezed Orange Cassidy (with some interference from both sides)

NWA Women’s Championship Match: Serena Deeb © vs. Allysin Kay (‘The Buy-In’ Pre-Show Match)

Credit: AEW

Marc Hemingway: Deeb has looked decent every time she’s been on AEW, is a relatively new champion but Kay is making her AEW debut. This gives both women a massive kick to be on their ‘A’ game and both will be out to impress. It’s possible Kay could win the NWA Women’s championship but I think Deeb will want this win more. Deeb retains. 

Paul Benson: Good to see these two get a little bit of spotlight. It is simply a showcase match with little consequence for the promotion so I will go with Deeb retaining in a decent match.

Gary Tait: It’s nice to see the NWA Women’s Championship continue to be featured on AEW. Deeb recently won the title from Thunder Rosa, and is an AEW contracted star. 

This match will be solid and will hopefully lead to Allysin Kay showcasing her abilities. I see no reason to take the title off Serena Deeb at this stage. Winnner- Serena Deeb. 

Lewis Brown: I don’t watch NWA personally so I’m not overly invested in this match but considering the title only just changed hands, I predict the champion retaining.

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