Roundtable: AEW All Out Preview

AEW All Out takes place tonight on FITE Aand we asked the Hooked On Wrestling team to give us their opinion on whether they lost.

AEW All Out 2020 Poster

Credit: AEW

Tonight sees the second annual ‘All Out’ PPV and also the fourth major wrestling ‘special’ on two weeks following on from NXT TakeOver XXX, WWE SummerSlam and WWE Payback.

As fun as all those events were, to one degree or another, All Out could well be the best of the lot.

We asked the Hooked On Wrestling team to give us their low down on each match to form our official preview of the event.

You can watch live from anywhere in the world on FITE.

AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. MJF

Credit: AEW

Paul Benson: Genuinely hard to pick a winner on this one. An honest to goodness title feud based on a new, deserving challenger doing his utmost to rattle the challenger. It’s been simple and awesome, escalating at just the right time to peak interest.

On one hand, MJF deserves the belt. He’s a superb heel and the future of the company. On the other, it feels a bit cheap and easy in storyline terms to give him it the first go round. I would like to see Moxley retain before MJF ups the ante, secures a rematch and wins it then. Similar to JBL winning against Eddie Guerrero on the second swing back in 2004. Mox is my pick.

Chris Napier: I’m really looking forward to this. Moxley has been great for the last year and MJF is a good hand as well as being the most contemptible of heels. I think MJF wins here to continue his rise – its not quite time for him to get his. Also, Moxley surely needs some NJPW time and I dont think AEW want him holding their belt and losing to KENTA or in the G-1.MJF will win in sneaky heel fashion after help from Wardlow, his lawyer and god knows what else. 

Cameron Bennett: I’m torn between two mentalities. Do I think the first two AEW world title reigns should be long affairs. No, so that side says MJF. Also, do I think taking the title off the number one rated wrestler in the world (according to PWI) And your most marketable asset is smart business? Also no. So I’m jumbled between good story sense and good business sense but this is wrasslin’ so business wins and so does Moxley.

Lewis Brown: This one is really a toss up in my opinion. I could see the value in letting Moxley keep the belt for the moment, but I am personally so ready for MJF to win it. I feel with the trash talk, it would hurt him to lose here a lot more than it would hurt Moxley. Either way I love me some MJF, so I am buzzed for this one. MJF to win.

AEW World Tag Team Championship: Kenny Omega & ‘Hangman’ Adam Page (c) vs. FTR

Credit: AEW

Paul Benson: Where to start unpacking this feud? It’s so deeply layered and has mixed soap opera with wrestling action and characters so, so well. It’s been a joy.

I’m calling a title change here, as will many others. It feels like the right story to tell at the right time. It also opens the possibility of the feud morphing into Hangman/FTR vs The Elite, which I VERY much like the sound of. FTR for the win.

Chris Napier: Omega & Page’s title reign has been awesome and some of the long form storytelling has been great. The past few weeks have been ropey but I expect the final work in the ring to be better. FTR are winning here, no question. Its just a matter of how. I hope they have the best match possible before any heel turn/interference hijinks and I get the feeling that’s how it’ll go down.

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Cameron Bennett: All hail our new Tag Team Champions FTR (Stupid name). Miscommunication and the long burning out Omega heel turn plays out here. 

Lewis Brown: I think FTR are taking the belts here to be honest. Omega and Hangman have had a good run, but I feel it’s time for them to move on. They have teased a Hangman turn for a while so I think he will leave Kenny to lose on his own. On a side note, I think we are going to see “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega very soon.

AEW Women’s Championship: Hikaru Shida vs. Thunder Rosa

Credit: AEW

Paul Benson: I like this match. Thunder Rosa is awesome and the AEW Women’s division needs her. The division as a whole has picked up recently but the title scene itself remains poor. I like the look of Shida to retain here. I suspect the next title reign has Dr. Britt Baker’s name all over it.

Chris Napier: Logic dictates that AEW won’t put another promotion’s champ over theirs and its probably best that Shida remain strong for when she inevitably puts Britt Baker over. Shida and Rosa are both great and this should be fun and a level above what we’ve come to expect from the AEW women’s division.

Cameron Bennett: Unlike the World Title I feel the women’s title has been Hot potatoed about the place since its inception so the title stays with Shida. Does that mean I think she wins properly? No siree, expect some form of shenanigannary. 

Lewis Brown: It’s good to see the women’s division of AEW get some well-deserved attention. Especially Hikaru Shida. I do think she will retain as this match feel more like an exhibition but if it is used to build a more dynamic and interesting women’s division, I’m all for it!

Mimosa Mayhem Match: Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho

Credit: AEW

Paul Benson: Yet more excellent stuff from AEW. Whatever your preference, there is no doubt that AEW do a much better job of building feuds that resonate every week and build to the right moment to end.

This feud has been a wonderful mix of silly and serious that reflects the characters in it perfectly. Why would they not have a match to end it featuring a giant tank of Mimosa?

Jericho is ending up in the tank. I suspect Cassidy wins by throwing him in but Jericho might sneak out a cheap win and then get his comeuppance by going for a sticky swim. Either one will work well for the viewers and Cassidy has been elevated hugely through this feud. Just a stellar job all round.

Chris Napier: This feud has been so much fun and its testament to both guys’ ability. While Jericho doesn’t need the win and has been really giving, I think he goes over in the ring but Cassidy dumps him in the mimosa bath afterwards anyway to keep the fans happy.

Cameron Bennett: I’m gonna level with you. I had to research what a mimosa is when I heard about this match and after finding out, I’m, no pun intended, All In. Orange Cassidy takes the win here as Jericho doesn’t need to get pinned. 

Lewis Brown: Okay so I’m still confused on the rules for this one. If the match is won by conventional methods (pinfall, submission etc) then I think Jericho will win because I don’t see him losing clean to Orange. HOWEVER if the match is won by throwing your opponent into a large container of mimosa, then I foresee Jericho taking a very smelly bath.

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Broken Rules Match: Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara

Credit: AEW

Paul Benson: A straightforward Guevara win in this Last Man Standing match for me. This whole feud has been designed to strengthen his character and push him up a level in status and credibility. All that dictates that The Spanish God must win. This would also allow Hardy to go away for a slight reinvention that he probably needs after a slight false start since he began his AEW career.

Chris Napier: Matt’s whole purpose is to put over and develop the youngsters. Even though this is Broken Rules, I think Sammy gets the win.

Cameron Bennett: I’m gonna go Matt Hardy here but only because I don’t like Sammy Guervera. I’m sorry. Don’t hurt me. 

Lewis Brown: I genuinely thought this was going to be Sammy Guevara’s shining moment where he gets put over big time by Hardy, but with the comments about Hardy leaving AEW if he loses and it being made a “broken rules” match, it makes me think that Hardy will win and this feud will continue. I’m happy for that to happen but for god’s sake lads, be careful with your heads!

Tooth & Nail Match: Big Swole vs. Dr. Britt Baker

Credit: AEW

Paul Benson: Britt Baker had an awful start in AEW. The fans utterly rejected her super-bland face act and rightly so. Credit to AEW for seeing this and pivoting instead of ploughing on. We weren’t quite at the ‘Die Baker, Die’ stage but it probably saved her career.

I think she’s winning here in this cinematic match from (supposedly) Baker’s dental surgery. It will be silly, it won’t be clean and Rebel is probably going to take some gas and air but Baker wins this. Next stop: AEW Women’s title match.

Chris Napier: Baker is challenging for the title sooner rather than later, so she’s winning this.

Cameron Bennett: Britt’s just a heel, Shida’s a face, can I make it any more obvious? Britt to win.

Lewis Brown: I’m not really too sure on this one. I’ve found it difficult to keep up with the whole Britt Baker/Big Swole thing. I’m not actually sure why they’re fighting, all I know is that they have been for a WHILE. I reckon if it’s going to be cinematic and in Baker’s dentistry, then I think she will get the win. Home turf and all that…

21-Man Casino Battle Royal

Credit: AEW

Paul Benson: These are always pretty tough to call. What’s fun tends to be the surprise entrants. The obvious temptation is to call Miro coming in as the surprise 21st man. I’m going to go a little different and say PAC. It’s a long shot though so I don’t want to call him winning it. I’ll go with Lance Archer for that one.

Chris Napier: Darby Allin because I think he’s the most ready for a properly built title match, either as MJFs first speed-up or playing off his prior encounter with Moxley.

Cameron Bennett: There’s only one man who can win the Casino Battle Royal and that’s Bond. James Bond. 
(Editor’s Note: James Bond will not be competing in this match Cameron)

Fine, I’ll go with a wild card and pick Rusev/Miro (I CAN DREAM CAN’T I?!)

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Lewis Brown: I’m really torn on this one. My pick for it depends on who will win the AEW title match. If Mox retains, I’d love to see him face either Eddie Kingston or Lance Archer. However, I saw someone’s suggestion on Twitter, and I am going to shamelessly steal it. PAC will return and win the match.

The Dark Order (Mr. Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Stu Grayson & Evil UNO) vs. Matt Cardona, Scorpio Sky & The Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall)

Credit: AEW

Paul Benson: The Dark Order finally seem to be getting something of a push after the brutal Brodie Lee led beatdown of Cody last week. I’ll go with them for the win to continue that momentum. The face team, sadly, have job squad written all over them.

Lewis Napier: This is interesting as The Dark Order aren’t quite on the same page with Cabana there but the face side do look kinda ad hoc. I’d usually go with The Dark Order here, but they’ve been so dominant and Brodie needs challengers, so I’m gonna predict Cardona or Sky to pin Cabana, which sets up two challengers to Lee moving forward.

Cameron Bennett: I mean, it’s got to be the Dark Order. Nothing else makes sense. 

Lewis Brown: The Dark Order have to win this one right? I mean they are on FIRE right now so I certainly wouldn’t have them look like they can’t beat a thrown together team. Make them look like an absolute unit. Although if that is the plan, I’m surprised they are having Matt Cardona eat a loss so quickly. I think there’s a good chance this match get’s thrown out as opposed to an actual finish.

Jurassic Express vs. the Young Bucks

Credit: AEW

Paul Benson: This one is the ‘mortgage job’ of the card to me. The match I would be most confident about picking. This is purely to showcase how the Bucks are not playing nice right now. They’ll wrestle aggressively, they’ll abuse the fans a bit and they’ll probably even do a bit of cheating. But they’re winning. No doubt.

Chris Napier: The Young Bucks have jobbed enough. Big angles are coming and they’re gonna show some nastiness to get the win here.

Cameron Bennett: I have no dog in this fight but I do have a dinosaur. Jurassic Express please. This is more through hope than expectation.

Lewis Brown: Bucks for this one. Just… yeah, it’ll be the Bucks. They took a loss in the gauntlet match on Dynamite so I think they will be looking to recover.

Pre-show: Private Party vs The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver)

Credit: AEW

Paul Benson: It’s the pre-show, it’s a well liked midcard babyface team against the two jobbers of The Dark Order. Private Party are winning this.

Chris Napier: Reynolds & Silver are the disappointments of the Dark Order and Pricate Party will pile on the misery.

Cameron Bennett: I’m gonna go Private Party here as they can then be positioned to be FTR’s first challengers. 

Lewis Brown: Similar to the other Dark Order match, I don’t think now is the time to hand them losses. They need to look unstoppable and I don’t think any member should take a loss during this meteoric rise that they are all on.

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