Prediction Roundtable: AEW Double Or Nothing 2020

Members of Team Hooked On predict the weekend’s big AEW matches.

Chris Jericho

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These big events sure do sneak up on you in a pandemic, do they not?

Thankfully, several intrepid members of our wonderful Hooked On team have attempted to forecast the winners and losers of Saturday’s show, Double or Nothing.

Check out their thoughts below, and be sure to share the page on social media with predictions of your own, as well as entering our very own predictions contest!

AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs The Exalted One, Mr. Brodie Lee


Paul Benson: I think there’s a reason why this really isn’t being pushed as the main event. Because it’s an upper midcard match at best with the World title at stake. Whilst Mox has performed fairly well in a main event slot, the title has lost a lot of lustre since he beat Chris Jericho and it’s not even the most anticipated title match on this show. Lee, I’m afraid to say, feels like a bust.

I was a huge fan of Harper in WWE and gagging for him to get a chance here. But saddled with a midcard gimmick and a lame Vince McMahon parody (That he hilariously claims isn’t intentional), he feels dead on arrival in AEW. I suspect Mox retains and maybe that leads to pivoting with Brodie Lee into something better. It’s not too late.

Marc Hemingway: Brodie is doing everything right since his debut in AEW and they won’t be stopping his momentum anytime soon. Moxley is a decent champion, but is easier to root for when he’s chasing the belt rather than holding it. Lee needs to take the belt off him on Saturday and with the Dark Order behind him he’ll look unbeatable going forward.

Lewis Brown: This one I’ve been debating. On the one hand, Mox hasn’t had the title very long and is over like rover, but with the Exalted One gimmick and everything he says, it really doesn’t feel like the former Luke Harper can really afford the loss here. So, Brodie Lee for the win.

Dean Ayass: I’ve long been a proponent of Brodie Lee from his days as Luke Harper in the WWE, where I consistently said how he was the single most underrated and under-utilised man on their roster. So I’m really looking forward to seeing how he holds up his end of the bargain when he’s put in the unfamiliar position of headlining a PPV. While the brief build up hasn’t been outstanding, I want to see how the bell to bell action holds up. Jon to retain, though.

TOTAL: Two for Moxley, two for Mr. Lee

Tournament final to crown inaugural TNT Television champion: Cody vs Lance Archer

Double Or Nothing - Cody vs Lance Archer

Paul: In stark contrast to Brodie Lee, the career resurgence of Lance Archer has continued in AEW with him already looking like a dominant top star in waiting. This match has been built so well and with the addition of Mike Tyson, is clearly being positioned as the main event. And rightly so.

It’s hard to pick a winner as there are strong cases for both guys. I’m going for Cody. He has shown time and again he is willing to book himself out of title wins due to his position in the company. He probably should get the nod here. Archer can easily get his heat back and carry on his path.

On This Day In Wrestling History...9th June

Marc: Out of all the matches on the card, this is the one I’m finding hardest to call. On the one hand, as Cody can’t ever compete for AEW’s main gold I’d put him as the clear winner. On the other hand Archer is on a decent push right now and has Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts in his corner.

Back to the FIRST hand, Cody really could do with a win, being the face of the company and everything. I pick Cody (I also pick Arn Anderson to knock Jake Roberts down).

Lewis: Both of these guys really need a win here. I think there is going to be a lot of outside involvement but I think Cody is going to take the win. I don’t see this being the end of the rivalry though. Not by a long shot.

Dean: The TNT title match is intriguing – do you put the belt on Cody, one of the faces of the company, as he can’t ever challenge for the World title according to a previous stipulation, or do you run with newcomer Lance Archer?

Jake Roberts has been phenomenal in the build up to this, and I reckon the result of this will foreshadow the main event result – you ideally want your two singles titles split between the heel and babyface camps. Since I’m backing Moxley, I think Archer will continue his run here in chief support.

TOTAL: Three for Cody, one for Archer

Stadium Stampede: The Elite vs The Inner Circle

Double Or Nothing - Inner Circle vs The Elite

Paul: AEW have excelled themselves in using their environment in this empty arena era. Their skits and scenes away from the ring have been such a contrast to WWE. I have no idea what truly to expect but it’s likely to be a mix of brutal action and spots to make you laugh with the performers, not at them. The Elite to win. I have high hopes for this.

Marc: Taking place inside an American football stadium, this is possibly going to be played out as a cinematic piece and Matt Hardy has plenty experience with those. Expect drones, baseball bats and… I have no idea. Madness! Expect lots of madness. Hardy and the Elite to win.

Lewis: ADAM PAGE HEEL TURN. PLEASE. It’s going to be a good match and I think it will most likely go on last and end the PPV with Jericho and his crew standing tall after Hangman finally has enough and buckshot lariats the Young Bucks out of their tassels.

Dean: I’m interested in seeing how the Stadium Stampede pans out. AEW have far surpassed WWE when it comes to positively adapting to the COVID-19 circumstances, and the backstage segments with the Elite and Inner Circle so far have been great. But since we are obviously still going to get a ‘Blood And Guts’ double cage blow-off at some point, I think the Circle win here to keep the war raging.

TOTAL: Two for Elite, two for Inner Circle

AEW Women’s Championship, no DQ and no countout: Nyla Rose (c) vs Hikaru Shida

Double Or Nothing - Nyla Rose vs Hikaru Shida

Paul: One area where AEW simply hasn’t got it right yet is the women’s division. It’s nothing more than an afterthought at this stage with no obvious breakout stars on the horizon. Rose to win this and retain.

On This Day In Wrestling History...12th June

Marc: Rose has had the belt for three months now and she won’t be losing it anytime soon. The no-DQ stipulation should favour Rose, so long as there’s no outside interference. Shida is on a decent run though, so it’s possible she’d sneak a win but unlikely, especially as she was pinned by Rose once already this week.

Lewis: Unfortunately, I don’t really follow the women’s division too much on AEW. I think Shida will take the title from Nyla and enter into a feud with Britt Baker DMD.

Dean: I cannot see Nyla losing the title just yet, though the no-holds-barred surroundings should at least give them more room to make it look like she might before getting the win.

TOTAL: Three for Rose, one for Shida

Casino Ladder match for a future AEW World title shot

Double Or Nothing - Casino Ladder Match

Paul: Credit to AEW for trying to put a twist on the tried and tested Money In The Bank concept with the staggered entrances. Surely this isn’t over until all the guys are in the ring, though. We have eight competitors announced and one mystery opponent with the winner getting a world title shot. So, two things to predict.

For the mystery opponent there are a number of choices ranging from the unlikely (Drew Gulak) to the legally impossible (Rusev) to the boring (Christopher Daniels). I am going with a returning and fit again Brian Cage and whilst I’m at it, why not slot him in as the winner shall we? Yep, Cage to win.

Marc: I’m REALLY looking forward to this one. Rey Fenix is outstanding, seriously good and he’ll win this one after a few big moves. Who’s going to be the mystery wrestler though? (Rusev) That’s the main question! (Rusev) I can’t wait to find out… (Rusev Rusev Rusev Rusev RUUUUUSEEEEEEEV!!!!)

Lewis: This could go so many ways to be honest. Obviously, this depends on who the mystery entrant is but AEW have done a good job so far of putting midcard or tag team talent into main event level matches. I could see Luchasaurus picking up the win here.

Dean: Having one of nine participants earn a title shot, AND one of them being a mystery heading into the show means there will be a lot of news coming out of this bout alone. So much so, I doubt it makes sense to have the mystery man be the winner, too. So, no matter how amazing (or disappointing) the reveal is, this would be a good time for Darby Allin to get a huge win.

TOTAL: One each for Allin, Luchasaurus, Fenix, Brian Cage

Kris Statlander vs Dr. Britt Baker, DMD

Double Or Nothing - Britt Baker vs Kris Statlander

NOTE: The status of this match was up in the air at time of publish, due to an injury sustained by Baker on Dynamite

Paul: I’ve already said my piece on the AEW women’s scene so far, but Baker seems to be turning round an initially awful run in the company. Let’s go with her to win.

Marc: This match made last week following on from the women’s four-way needs to have Baker coming off strong to give her a credible chance at the women’s belt. Nothing against Statlander but Baker should make her tap and make her tap early to get some momentum going.

On This Day In Wrestling History...10th June

Lewis: I think Baker because if I’m right about the title match on the card and Britt is going to be in a championship feud soon, you want her going into that with a win.

Dean: For me, these are AEW’s two best shots at getting the women’s division out of second gear. One has to lose, but neither has to look bad. So, since I’m backing Nyla to retain, another babyface challenger waiting for her makes more sense. I’ll go with Kris.

TOTAL: Three for Baker, one for Statlander

Dustin Rhodes vs Shawn Spears

Double Or Nothing - Dustin Rhodes vs Shawn Spears

Paul: Hmm. On the basis that Spears needs a win more than the bulletproof Rhodes does, let’s go with him.

Marc: Where’d this match come from? No rivalry so nothing wrong with Spears eating the loss. Dustin to win, then to do a speech about retiring.

Lewis: Dustin puts people over. It’s what he does. And he does it really well. A decent PPV win for Spears, here.

Dean: In these two, AEW has a pair of great midcard hands. Always worthwhile but never top of the pile. But while Rhodes tends to always lose to the stars, Shawn is fine where he is and it’d be nice for the veteran to get a feelgood win on a big event.

TOTAL: Two for Rhodes, two for Spears

Jungle Boy vs MJF

Double Or Nothing - MJF vs Jungle Boy

Paul: Let’s not beat around the bush, shall we? MJF is winning this as he re-establishes himself in the upper reaches of the card after a short absence. He’s such a good heel at such a young age that his potential is scary.

Marc: Jungle Boy is a fun character and when he’s with Luchasaurus you have to expect them to win. He’s on his own here, though, and his tag partner is busy in his own match, so he’s going to get beat. MJF showed that he has no bother going against speed and agility by destroying Marko Stunt this week and he’ll carry that on against Jungle Boy.

Lewis: MJF is taking the win here. He is on a hell of a win streak and I think they want to keep that going. As much as I like Jungle Boy, I just don’t see him pulling this one off.

Dean: I doubt this is the last time we’ll see MJF face Jungle Boy on a major show. Both of these guys have ‘future superstar’ written all over them (along with Allin and Sammy Guevara in my book).

But yeah, there’s no way the MJF freight train slows down here. He may even end up as Moxley’s next PPV World title challenger as the ladder match winner may well cash in their chip on Dynamite.

TOTAL: Four for MJF, none for Jungle Boy


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