10 Wrestlers You Didn’t Know Appeared On WCW Monday Nitro

As part of our WCW Monday Nitro Week, we look at 10 names you might not remember actually appeared on Nitro.

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Diamond Dallas Page, Sting, Bill Goldberg. All names synonymous with WCW and with Monday Nitro.

But amongst those iconic WCW names, there were plenty of notable names that appeared on Nitro that seemed, and still seem, totally out of place.

Some appeared for a sizeable run, some were one offs and cameos but all of these names remarkably appeared at least once on Nitro.

Greg Valentine

Randy Savage & Greg Valentine

Valentine actually appeared in WCW way more than you would think. He originally joined the company in 1992 after leaving WWE and had a second stint between 1996-1998.

He wrestled a handful of matches on Nitro in that period losing to the likes of The Giant and Lex Luger. His only Nitro victory came by disqualification against ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage in September 1996.

Jerry Lynn

Lynn had a fairly lenghly run in WCW between 1995-1997. The majority of this run (and all his Nitro matches) came under a luchador mask as the mysterious Mr JL.

He wrestled a decent number of matches on the programme with only two wins. The first came in a humdinger of a tag team match with Eddie Guerrero as his partner against Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko on October 23rd 1995. The second was a far less flashy match and came exactly 363 days later. His opponent was the NWO’s fake Sting.

AJ Styles

Most fans will have first seen Styles in TNA. His push in the X-Division when the company began in 2002 was what most assume was his first appearance on national television. Not quite.

In February 2001, little over a month before the company ceased to exist, Styles made his debut on WCW Thunder. Styles was actually named Air Styles in WCW and teamed with his former NWA Wildside rival, Air Paris. The two wore Top Gun style flight suits and went by the name Air Raid.

On This Day In Wrestling History...12th June

They wrestled their one and only Nitro match on March 5th where they lost to Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo in the first round of the Cruiserweight Tag Team Title tournament.

He will probably want to forget the time he played the role of a Diamond Dallas Page fan at an autograph signing.


The now-Mrs Brock Lesnar’s appearance on Nitro on 14th June 1999 was a controversial one.

She had recently left the WWE due to several creative disagreements. On her way out of the door she filed a $110 million law suit alleging sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions. This suit was eventually settled out of court but the issue with Sable’s appearance was that she was still under contract with Vince McMahon’s group when it happened!

Sable was never named on screen, nor did she do anything other than sit in the crowd as a supposed paying attendee. It was a one time appearance and suited both Sable and WCW to put a shot across their mutual enemies bow.

John Nord

John Nord

Huss Huss! Did you know The Bezerker made his way to WCW for a short from September 1997 to January 1998? Well kind of. John Nord wrestled under his real name and as looked about as different from his WWF character as you could possibly imagine.

On This Day In Wrestling History… June 16th

What’s even more interesting is that in a seven-match run (five official matches and two dark matches), the only one he didn’t win was the 60-man battle royal at World War 3 1997.

His only Nitro match was a win over fellow former WWE gimmick luminary, The Barbarian. He did, however, return for a match later in 1998 on WCW Saturday Night where be became victim 106 of Bill Goldberg.

Marty Jannetty

The former Rocker actually spent a substantial period in WCW in 1998 in comparison to some of the names on this list, wrestling four matches on Nitro between January and June (as well as one dark match) He was mainly used as a ‘jobber to the stars’, picking up victories agains the likes of Barry Horowitz and Lenny Lane but losing when facing anyone of note such as Raven, Perry Saturn or Chris Benoit.

Chris Harris

Chris Williams, AKA Chris Harris

Before his successful first stint in TNA, the future Braden Walker had a brief stint in WCW. Although never wrestling on Nitro, Harris was one half of R&B Security in 2000. The pair were used as Vince Russo’s personal bodyguards. Trivia fans take note, the other half of the duo was a wrestler known as The Colorado Kid.

His stint was so blink-and-you-will-miss-it that we can’t even find a picture, so we had to use one from an appearance on Saturday Night when he was known as Chris Williams.


Photo Credit: WWE

‘The Ugandan Giant’ sadly passed away just a couple of weeks before this list was written but fans will mostly remember him for his runs in WWE where he notably opposed Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker in lengthy but one-sided programmes.

If Fusient Bought WCW #137: Chain Reaction

Kamala rocked up to WCW for a short run in 1995 where he inevitably joined the Dungeon Of Doom. Because of course he did!

He actually only had two matches with the company, both on PPV events. He did however appear with his Dungeon stablemates on the very first Nitro, 25 years ago this week.

Bull Nakano

Bull Nakano

One of the most memorable heels in the WWE’s mid-90s women’s division, Bull Nakano also had a short spell in WCW that began in November 1995 and ran until August 1996. She only wrestled one match on Nitro, a winning tag team effort alongside Akira Hokuto against Cutie Suzuki and Mayumi Ozaki.

Tito Santana, George Steele and Jimmy Snuka

Photo Credit: WWE

OK, we are cheating a bit on this entry with three names in the mix. However, it does make sense. All three are equally as associated with WWE and all three appeared as part of the same angle.

In the midst of Jeff Jarrett’s feud with then WCW Commissioner Terry Funk, he was forced by Funk to wrestle the three veterans in one night. All three were in the twilight of their career and made one time appearances in WCW.

The angle didn’t go according to plan as Jarrett suffered a concussion during the bout with Snuka and had to forefit the US title as a result.

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