In Your House Back As A Major Show? Great! Now It’s Time For Starrcade

Believe it or not, WWE Starrcade has been a thing in recent years. Our man argues it should be a much bigger thing…

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With In Your House (IYH) making its return to WWE television I decided that I’d have a look at what other events could be brought back to the spotlight.

Obviously IYH are the events the WWE fans remember with fondness from the 90’s so I went to the other side, to the WCW side of the Network. One event stood out, of course it did. WCW’s flagship event of the year: Starrcade. 

The original Starrcade started way back in 1983 and was run by the NWA before later on being taken on board by WCW and was their flagship event, their Wrestlemania if you like. It ran year after year until December 2000 as WCW was bought out by the WWE the following March and the event was retired.

As WWE fan in the 1990’s I had a passing acquaintance with WCW and what was going on over there. A friend at school lent me a video of a big show held around the same time as Survivor Series.

I remember seeing Hulk Hogan fight Brutus the Barber (now known as The Butcher because he seemingly took his ring names from high street shops) and found it interesting to see where wrestlers go to retire. 

Other than Starrcade 1998 where Kevin Nash ended Goldberg’s undefeated streak (I’d come round to WCW a bit more by then) I don’t think I’d seen any more of the December PPVs.

On This Day In Wrestling...21st July

So my question is, could Starrcade be the next event to be brought back? Just for a one-off event, perhaps. 

Wait a minute. Hang on!

This is where I was going to go into more detail about the Starrcade events and how they helped shape WCW. I was planning to say the Network could have a few episodes dedicated to interviewing Goldberg, Nash, Hogan, Brutus The Greengrocer and others but I’m not going to do that because while I was just doing some research into when the last Starrcade took place I was a bit stunned.

December 2019. Just SIX months ago? How did I miss that? Was it advertised? I can’t recall hearing about it if it was!

There was a fatal four way women’s tag team match for the tag titles. There was Ric Flair accompanying the Street Profits to the ring to see them beat The OC. There were plenty of dark matches which I’ll get to in a moment.

Also it seems that halfway through the event which was being shown on WWE Network, the network went down and so they had to announce it was now being streamed on YouTube instead. 

If you go on the Network and search for Starrcade 2019 it comes back with just four matches (two of which have Bobby Lashley in them, the other two I mentioned above).

On This Day in Wrestling History...26th July

The event is an hour and some long and apart from the women’s fatal 4 way there’s not a whole lot going on. Starrcade 2019 ends with Rusev kinda French kissing a chair before running off into the crowd.

For the people at the event there were more matches that weren’t aired but you better believe me when I say I wish they had been. I would’ve liked to have seen Seth Rollins vs Erick Rowan. I would’ve enjoyed seeing Andrade lose not once, but twice in a row. (Aleister Black then Ricochet doing the honours). 

Further than those though, a whole lot further, I would’ve LOVED to have seen The Fiend Vs Braun Strowman in a CAGE MATCH. Surely that was a main event right there, especially as it was for the Fiend’s (then) championship belt?

All I can find of this match is a two minute video on YouTube filmed from the crowd and it doesn’t seem like it stole the show but with the WWE cameras instead I’m sure it could’ve.

Could Starrcade have been a much bigger event than it was? Absolutely it could, especially if the entire card had been shown. I know there’s a need for dark matches, for the audience only at the start of an event to get them pumped up, but to keep a championship cage match from us, around the Christmas period?

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Bah, humbug.

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