If Fusient Bought WCW #9: “Hold On, That’s Not Ric Flair!”

Booker T and Goldberg go face-to-face ahead of the Great American Bash.

If Fusient Bought WCW: Jeff Jarrett

The Great American Bash is taking shape with several huge title matches, not to mention big grudges between old allies. With just two editions of Nitro until WCW’s first ‘top tier’ PPV of the new era, things should be interesting on the road to Baltimore.

This sixth edition of Saturday Nitro for June 16 was taped along with episode #7 on June 13.

Sting comes out to open the show, admitting his disappointment that Lex Luger still won’t give up on his delusions that he can stay on top beyond his years through treachery. Since the next PPV is one as entrenched in WCW’s history as Sting and Lex are – the Great American Bash – the Stinger challenges his on-again-off-again friend to a fight, one on one, at the big event.

Buff Bagwell answers the challenge on Lex’s behalf and gets into the ring, saying Luger will be there but until then, Buff wants another piece of Sting. A quick brawl ends with Bagwell taking a few Stinger Splashes and finally the Scorpion Death Drop.

Chavo Guerrero beat Jason Jett with a roll-up and feet on the ropes in 10:33 after a Crash Landing and visual pin was missed by the ref courtesy of Shannon Moore’s distraction. Chavo and Moore left together, with Shannon seemingly buying into Guerrero’s spiel.

Bam Bam Bigelow sat down with Mike Tenay and recalled some of his favourite memories from his time in WCW before explaining that it crossed his mind to pack it in when the ship almost sank, but he wants to go out on a positive note. He promises to settle things with Shane Douglas next week, and when grilled about when exactly he will call it a career, he smirks and says “you’ll know when I know”.

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Jamie Knoble and David Kash, rocking a full ‘rednecks’ gimmick dressed in jeans and with a mean disposition, beat Air Raid when a tiger bomb by Knoble finished off Paris in 6:10.

Mean Gene attempts to get word from Shawn Stasiak and Stacy Keibler on their good form since uniting and what the future holds for them. Instead, the duo rant on about how beautiful and perfect they are, leaving Gene bewildered and frustrated.

On their bikes outside a bar, the Harris brothers accept the Mamalukes’ challenge for a rematch, promising to send the Italians to the hospital.

Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger made a winning debut and got Glenn Gilbertti Enterprises off to a strong start, teaming with their boss to defeat Alex Wright, Norman Smiley and Crowbar. Gilbertti had no interest in giving Wright the confrontation he wanted, and only got involved to put the boots to Smiley or Crowbar when they were in trouble.

Smiley eventually tagged out to Wright, who cleaned house on the new tag team until Gilbertti got his attention and fell to their double-team finish the Problem Solver in 9:26.

RVD and Kanyon are arguing in Cat’s office, until the Commissioner restores order and states that he has heard both sides and it’s obvious to him that Van Dam deserves a return match after the Slamboree controversy – and it will happen at the Bash. Kanyon storms off and RVD promises to right a wrong at the Bash and prove why he’s Mr. PPV.

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Mark Jindrak defeated a local wrestler named Chris Hamrick in 2:49. Torrie Wilson came to the stage during the contest and looked impressed with MJ, but was confronted by Mike Sanders after the bout. Jindrak went up to the stage and went face-to-face with ‘Above Average’ but Wilson left and the former stablemates did nothing but argue before also departing.

Dustin Rhodes is here, and calls out Mike Awesome – saying that he wants to finish what Mike started at Slamboree. Awesome appears and slowly approaches the ring… only for Lance Storm to attack Dustin from behind. A 2-on-1 ensues before DDP’s music hits and Page runs the duo off.

“So, you thought you’d run a little 2-on-1 play, did you? I don’t THINK so,” says DDP. “Dust, you had my back at the start of the year so I got your back now!”

Rey, Kidman and Shane Helms were victorious as a golden trio against upcoming challengers Kid Romeo and the Jung Dragons via DQ in 12:17 when Leia Meow was caught shoving Misterio off the top turnbuckle. The heels left the faces laid out and posed with the belts following the decision.

Jeff Jarrett comes out impersonating Ric Flair, mocking all his trademark mannerisms while wearing a wig and robe. The real deal comes onto the stage and accuses Jarrett of having an inferiority complex this whole time, especially during his treatment of the Nature Boy in recent weeks.

He says the two of them can work out their issues the old fashioned way… one-on-one at the Bash. Jarrett accepts and promises to put Flair out to pasture at the PPV.

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A scheduled six-man pitting Sting, Palumbo and O’Haire against Bagwell and the Steiners resembles more of a straight tag preview of the Bash title contest as, after the heels make their entrances, Bagwell greets Sting in the aisle looking for a receipt from earlier.

The two brawl to the back as the tag champs arrive to fight the Steiners. This time, a low blow from Scott allows Rick to roll up O’Haire in 8:55 for another win over the men they face at the PPV. Can the new hottest team on the scene get past the company’s iconic duo when the titles are on the line?

Booker T and Goldberg are moderated in-ring by The Cat to close the show. T is accompanied by Sharmell and the two men keep it mostly respectful, though each makes it clear how badly they need to leave the Bash with the title.

The champ finishes his dialogue by saying WCW is reviving under his leadership, and, “all due respect”, it was dying when Goldberg was the flagship. That draws a collective gasp from the audience.

Goldberg keeps his composure and simply wraps it up by saying “sorry it’s come to this, Booker… but you’re NEXT!” The duo go nose-to-nose as we go off the air.

WCW Great American Bash 2001 card so far:

WCW title: Booker T (c) vs Goldberg
WCW tag titles: O’Haire and Palumbo (c) vs The Steiner Brothers
WCW cruiserweight title: Shane Helms (c) vs Kid Romeo
WCW cruiserweight tag titles: Kidman and Misterio (c) vs The Jung Dragons
Ric Flair vs Jeff Jarrett
Sting vs Lex Luger

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