If Fusient Bought WCW #32: Who’s Under The Hood?

Will the Goldberg-Steiner and Rhodes-Awesome rivalries make it to Halloween Havoc in one piece? And who has been targeting Jamie Knoble?

If Fusient Bought WCW: Jeff Jarrett

Amidst the Starrcade Series reaching full swing, we find ourselves at another PPV weekend with Halloween Havoc returning the company to Las Vegas perhaps one final time, to honour the company’s multi-year deal to stage the October spectacular at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Scott Steiner and Goldberg will contest the only non-Nitro Series match while Booker T and Sting clash for the WCW World title, Rob Van Dam vs Lance Storm brings the Iron Man Challenge back to the company, and Dustin Rhodes and Mike Awesome settle the score once and for all in an I Quit match, with a few undercard bouts still to potentially be decided.

Meanwhile, Triple X will once again unite as one to face their next title challenges in the cruiserweight ranks, the team of York & Matthews plus Shannon Moore. And who has been targeting Jamie Knoble lately?

Saturday Nitro #25: first aired on October 27; taped along with episode 24 on October 17

It is SS action that gets us underway, with Chris Kanyon getting the win over Lance Storm via small package in 9:21 thanks in part to RVD taking a front row seat for the match. These two have gone back and forth with their interfering lately but it comes down to 30 minutes of attrition in just 24 hours.

Shannon Moore, Christian York and Joey Matthews beat Triple X by DQ ahead of their PPV title challenges when Daniels nailed Matthews with a title belt after only 6:11. The faces were able to fight off a post-match beatdown attempt and stared down their Havoc opponents as they retreated up the walkway.

DDP v CW Anderson hardly got started as Mark Jindrak helped attack Page, forcing the ref to throw the bout out within a minute. Bam Bam Bigelow made the save and Page re-iterated their intention to challenge for the tag titles, going as far as to challenge Anderson and Jindrak for Havoc. The heels accepted the match off-mic.

Glenn Gilbertti, flanked by his stable, says the Jung Dragons are getting in the way of his Italian studs, the FBI, and their title aspirations. He says he’s going to see if Cat will make a tag match happen so that they can swat those pesky flies once and for all and make them regret not leaving that “skank” Leia Meow to join GGE.

On This Day In Wrestling History...28th July

Meanwhile, he says his boys Simon and Swinger are in a tag team title contenders four way on the Havoc pre-show but before then have to team with a duo he cannot stand, the Mamalukes, in an eight-man tag preview tonight. He warns the Mamalukes not to get in Simon and Swinger’s way.

In the Starrcade Series, Mike Awesome beat Billy Kidman with an incredible Awesome Bomb off the second rope in 6:26 then swore he would get himself a piece of Dustin Rhodes not just at the PPV, but tonight.

The FBI defeated the Jung Dragons after some shenanigans on the outside saw Leia Meow beat up Glenn Gilbertti, which allowed Maritato to roll up Yang and get his feet on the ropes for the three count in 6:06.

The weekly sitdown came with the Mamalukes, who said they were sick and tired of being overlooked, screwed and cheated out of their rightful place as WCW tag champs. They say O’Haire and Palumbo make them sick because of how much fanfare they get when Mamalukes received hardly anything close to that when they burst onto the scene and won the belts in 2000. Finally, they say Glenn Gilbertti gets on their nerves as well and promise to punch Simon and Swinger in the mouth if they do anything stupid in tonight’s eight-man.

AJ Styles and Jason Jett beat Air Paris and Jamie Knoble in 7:55 when Jett nailed the Crash Landing on Knoble, who was distracted by the hooded attacker being stopped by several crowd safety stewards from hopping the rail a second time. Again, AJ could not get his hands on his former tag partner though commentary acknowledged that Paris had nowhere to run, since Cat had approved the match between the two at the PPV.

On This Day In Wrestling History… July 29th

After the match, Knoble recovered enough to shove the stewards off the attacker and lay in some shots in retaliation for the other week before getting his hood away from his face to reveal… Evan Karagias.

Backstage, Shawn Stasiak is telling Mean Gene that he was robbed of a perfect start to life as the United States champion by Chuck Palumbo last week, his former partner and confidant. Just then, Palumbo enters and offers Stasiak the chance for revenge at Halloween Havoc, one-on-one. Shawn accepts.

Palumbo then says fine, he’ll tell Cat Shawn agreed to give him a title shot. Stasiak says he didn’t say it’d be for the title. Palumbo then mocks him for losing his first week as champ and being afraid to defend it to get revenge, which is enough to goad him into agreeing despite Stacy’s efforts to keep him from putting the title up.

Shane Helms vs Chavo Guerrero resumed the rivalry that helped bring the cruiserweight division back to full strength earlier this year, but this chapter in their story ended in a DQ win for Helms after 6:30 when Kid Romeo interfered. Shannon Moore made the save and sent the heels running, though Helms didn’t look completely pleased with his intervention.

America’s Most Wanted teamed with Johnny B Badd and Alex Wright to beat the Mamalukes and Simon and Swinger. The expected heel mis-communication allowed AMW to hit a high-low combo on JTB for the upset pin in 6:19. All four teams brawled afterwards as the commentators hyped their pre-show four-way tomorrow.

Rob Van Dam finally got on the board in the Starrcade Series, pinning Bam Bam Bigelow in a good match with the Five Star Frog Splash in 9:21. Lance Storm wandered down and considered interference, but instead settled for laying out Van Dam post-match.

Booker T called out Sting 24 hours before their World title clash at Halloween Havoc. Booker ran down Sting for attacking him two weeks ago and says Sting is a hypocrite, when he tries to act like he stands for justice and fairness.

On This Day In Wrestling History… July 30th

Upon joining the champ in the ringSting immediately cited T’s attitude change as to why he was talking out of his rear end, and said Ric Flair would be in his corner Sunday to keep an eye on Sharmell.

Booker takes a different route and says this has all got out of hand. He and Sting used to be close and he says he’s happy to defend his title against him one on one and prove that he deserves to be the flagship athlete of the new WCW.

Sting says best of luck, but that legacies in this company come through beating guys like he and Flair straight-up. The two shake hands… only for Booker to drop Sting with his title belt as he goes to leave!

Jeff Jarrett picked up his third straight points earner of the Starrcade Series, and yet his first for actually beating someone, when he pinned Dustin Rhodes with help from Mike Awesome’s cheapshot from ringside leading to the Stroke in 8:20. Jarrett took the mic and said he would win the whole Series just as Rhodes and Awesome began brawling around ringside and into the crowd.

Finally, Scott Steiner came out and said he wanted a piece of Goldberg before Halloween Havoc. Out came big Bill, but Cat to his credit managed to have security ready to keep them apart. It didn’t last long, however, as the two began to wipe out guards one at a time and brawl with each other until actual wrestlers came to help split them as the show ended.

Starrcade Series Block A:
Goldberg 4pts, Jarrett 4pts, Rhodes 2pts, Kanyon 2pts, Storm 1pt, Steiner 1pt
Starrcade Series Block B:
Awesome 4pts, DDP 2pts, Kidman 2pts, Douglas 2pts, RVD 2pts, Bigelow 0pts
(Everyone except for Jarrett, Rhodes, Kanyon and Storm (three) has fought twice so far)

Next time: Halloween Havoc 2001!

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