If Fusient Bought WCW #26: An Uneasy Alliance

Sting and Goldberg face Booker T and Jeff Jarrett in a blockbuster main event. And who will complete Team Flair for WarGames?

If Fusient Bought WCW: Kanyon

Ric Flair, Sting, DDP and Bam Bam Bigelow hope to end the threat of the Chosen Few once and for all in WarGames at Fall Brawl, but find themselves missing a combatant to face Jeff Jarrett’s faction and Mike Awesome.

They seem keen on Dustin Rhodes filling that last slot but despite Dustin’s family credentials inside the double cage, Rhodes does not trust Flair at all after everything that has happened.

Bigelow and Rhodes team up to fight their rivals Awesome and Shane Douglas tonight – perhaps ‘The Natural’ can finally be convinced to let bygones be bygones to battle a common enemy?

Plus, two WG participants – Jarrett and Sting – face off in a huge tag team main event alongside the two men who do battle one more time for the WCW World title in eight days – Booker T and Goldberg. And who will be next in line for either Rob Van Dam or Lance Storm when Billy Kidman faces Shawn Stasiak in the United States title contendership tournament final?

Saturday Nitro #20: first aired on September 22; taped along with episodes 19 and 21 on September 12

The 20th Saturday Nitro began with six-man action as Tajiri teamed with compatriots the Jung Dragons to beat Super Crazy, Christian York and Joey Matthews.

Tajiri and Crazy were once more pre-occupied with each other, though a green mist attempt was ducked by the Insane Luchador, causing it to blast Leia Meow at ringside! This not only sidetracked the Dragons but also the ref who called for assistance, giving Knoble and Kash a chance to sneak in and lay out Y&M while Crazy and Tajiri continued to fight at ringside.

Once the intruders fled, Kaz saw the chance and slid in for a three-count at 9:39 before going straight back out to tend to his manager rather than incur her wrath for neglect.

After the break, York and Matthews recovered and told Scott Hudson backstage they were sick of being harassed, all because they showed up the “redneck hillbillies” on their first day. They propose one more tag match to settle things – no tags, no dqs, no countouts. Texas Tornado rules!

At another interview position, Booker T and Sharmell tell Mean Gene they’re not afraid of Goldberg, per se, but feel he doesn’t deserve to be interacting with the champ after running off and hiding for a month. That, says Sharmell, is exactly why Bill was never the choice to be the flagbearer of the new WCW that her man is.

The Cat stops by and admits he does have a problem with people running off – and fears Booker will try and do the same to keep his belt by DQ or count-out at Fall Brawl. So, Cat says, he’s informing the officials that whatever happens in Booker-Goldberg III, to relax the rules and ensure that there is a decisive winner and loser. The golden couple are unsurprisingly aghast at this.

On This Day in Wrestling History...23rd July

Glenn Gilbertti’s entire GGE army – Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, the Full Blooded Italians and Gilbertti himself – came out so Glenn could brag about how their advertised 5-on-4 is now a 5-on-3 since Crowbar is on the shelf.

Alex Wright came to the entranceway with Johnny B Badd and Norman Smiley and said that it actually wasn’t difficult to find other guys backstage who are sick of GG running his mouth, and it’s not a 5-on-3 but a 5-on-5 – with that, they’re joined by America’s Most Wanted and the fight is on!

Once the referee restores order we have a straight tag bout where Gilbertti unsurprisingly stayed out of the action as much as possible, until he found himself tagged in just before Smiley hot tagged Wright. Das Wunderkind finally dished out punishment to his old partner only for Simon and Swinger to sneak in with a Problem Solver to Wright. They draped their boss on top for the pin at 9:21.

Up next was due to be a freshly-liberated Shannon Moore up against a man used to humiliate him a few weeks prior, Kid Romeo. However as Romeo stood in the ring and Moore made his way down the walkway, he was blindsided by Chavo Guerrero and beaten down pretty badly, concluding with a brainbuster on the walkway. As a result, there was no match.

In the changing rooms, Chuck Palumbo is telling Sean O’Haire that their singles tests against the world champion were big experiences, but they have tag title redemption to arrange next. O’Haire says the tag champs are in WarGames next weekend but they will do whatever it takes to ensure they finally get a fair crack at Anderson and Jindrak after the PPV.

They’re interrupted by the Mamalukes who mock their ‘whatever it takes’ mantra, claiming Vito and JTB will go much further to be champs than these two “flashes in the pan” will. Palumbo proposes that they put their money where their mouth is, and says he’ll request to Cat that these two meet at Fall Brawl to decide who’s next in line for the champs. The Mamalukes are down with that.

In a tag team falls count anywhere war with plenty of animosity built in, Bam Bam Bigelow and Dustin Rhodes beat Shane Douglas and Mike Awesome. Perhaps a preview of WarGames – in which three of these men are already confirmed to participate – Bigelow exacted sweet revenge on Douglas by busting him open with his own chain and then choking him out with it in 10:11 while Rhodes put Awesome through a table at ringside.

On This Day in Wrestling History...26th July

The commentators were quick to point out that BBB would have to get Douglas to actually submit or surrender at the PPV if this result is to repeat itself. After the brawl, Bigelow took the mic and told Rhodes that he knows he has issues with Flair still, and that not everyone on the WarGames team got along all the time, but they need one more guy and there’s three guys including himself that Rhodes can trust. He says this is about finishing the war with Awesome and the entire Chosen Few and they need Rhodes on the team. Dustin mulls it over and says fine – he’ll do it for Bam Bam, for DDP and for the Stinger. They shake hands and WarGames is all set!

Lance Storm hits the ring and begins explaining in his usual dry manner why he is a better fit for RVD’s title – and why Canada and not the US is the suitable home for the ‘second most important title in the wrestling world’.

RVD interrupts and, in a departure from his usual laid-back, confident zen demeanour, gave quite the passionate rebuttal about when secondary titles meant something and how he plans on adding prestige to the US title as he did with the ECW TV title. He closes by saying he beat Storm at Slamboree in the tournament for this belt and he’ll do it again at Fall Brawl.

In the final match of the US title contenders’ tournament, for a shot at whoever wins that RVD/Storm contest, Shawn Stasiak pinned Billy Kidman after a steel chair strike from Chris Kanyon, seemingly due to Kidman knocking him out of contention earlier in the tournament, while Stacy Keibler had the referee distracted, after 6:22.

In this week’s interview, CW Anderson and Mark Jindrak sat down with their tag title belts. They start by putting over the run of Palumbo and O’Haire, but add that they now want to surpass that themselves. Jindrak adds that he always had their number from the Thrillers days, but just needed the right partner.

They admit it was fate that put them together as a team but the chemistry was instant. When CW is asked about the situation with him and Arn, he says this is a business and Arn betrayed and crippled more people than most can remember. He says he did what he had to do because the Chosen Few is the elite.

On This Day in Wrestling History...22nd July

Finally, they admit WarGames for them will be a completely new environment whereas many of their opponents have competed and won in WarGames before, but they say they’re not afraid to bleed and will outlast their older, slower opponents.

Jason Jett and Air Raid vs Triple X was next, featuring the three cruiserweight titlists vs their Fall Brawl adversaries. Paris and Styles continued to have issues and when Styles knocked Paris off the apron by accident, Paris even began to walk out on the match.

However as he reached the entrance he stopped, looked at his team-mates being pulverised 3-on-2, had a change of heart and came running back to help out. Styles ultimately pinned Daniels with the Spiral Tap in 10:45, showing that if these two have finally overcome their issues, they could well be the next cruiserweight tag champions!

Before our main event, a mysterious teaser trailer hyped an upcoming thing called the ‘Starrcade Series’.

The featured match of the broadcast involved the two world title combatants and two members of WarGames, with Goldberg and Sting taking on Booker T and Jeff Jarrett. An attempted run-in by Mike Sanders was thwarted by DDP, but it turned out the tag champions were in the building after all as they came through the crowd and while they ran in to take a beating from Sting and Goldberg, Torrie Wilson then slipped Jarrett the guitar which he used to smash Sting for the win after 13:34.

Fall Brawl 2001 card so far:

  • WarGames 2001: Ric Flair, Sting, DDP, Bam Bam Bigelow and Dustin Rhodes vs Jeff Jarrett, Shane Douglas, CW Anderson, Mark Jindrak and Mike Awesome (w/Mike Sanders and Torrie Wilson)
  • WCW World title, there must be a winner: Booker T vs Goldberg
  • WCW United States title: Rob Van Dam vs Lance Storm
  • WCW Cruiserweight title: Elix Skipper vs Jason Jett
  • WCW Cruiserweight tag team titles: Low Ki and Daniels vs Air Raid
  • 2/3 falls: Super Crazy vs Tajiri
  • Shannon Moore vs Chavo Guerrero Jr
  • O’Haire & Palumbo vs The Mamalukes

Next time: It’s WarGames weekend! And the coin toss has been thrown out the window. For the first time since 1995, a Flair and an Anderson go 1vs1 for the double cage advantage!

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