If Fusient Bought WCW #19: An Upset For The Ages

The final participants are confirmed for Battlebowl – including a result nobody thought they’d ever see…

If Fusient Bought WCW: Jeff Jarrett

The Lethal Lottery has thus far given us some very interesting pairings and also a few very exciting first-time match-ups. Tonight, the final field of 20 for Battlebowl will be completed.

Elsewhere, bitter conflicts are breaking out all over WCW. Sting, Ric Flair and Bam Bam Bigelow remain at war with Jeff Jarrett’s Chosen Few. Dustin Rhodes and Mike Awesome have been at odds for weeks, with an Ambulance match set for the Battlebowl PPV.

Meanwhile things are heating up between Air Raid and The Jung Dragons, while new faction Triple X are at odds with pretty much the rest of the cruiserweight division they’re striving to take over.

Saturday Nitro #14: first aired on August 11

The Cat brings us the final three match draws for the Lethal Lottery to kick off Nitro, but first announces that tonight, both Booker T and DDP will be in singles action.

The draw gives us: AJ Styles and Billy Kidman vs Kanyon and Kid Romeo; Shane Helms and Big Vito vs Shane Douglas and Tajiri; and Lance Storm and Jeff Jarrett vs recent compadres James Black and Chris Harris.

Cat is then confronted on the stage by the Mamalukes, who are furious that their tag title shot has been delayed so that the Chosen Few can challenge next week. Cat apologises but says he granted their title shots first, and that Vito should concentrate on his Lethal Lottery match, as it’s up next.

Vito and Helms fell to Douglas and Tajiri. Both the Chosen Few and Triple X made appearances on the stage and in the entranceway, but did not interfere. Their presence didn’t help the faces, however, and Helms turned around from jawing with the men who stole his title, right into a buzzsaw kick for the pin at 7:21.

When the rest of the ringside bodies clear, XXX hit the ring and again brag about how they now run the cruiserweight division and add that the last jewel in their crown would be the cruiserweight tag titles. Skipper says since Kidman has Lethal Lottery tonight, how about Rey Misterio comes out and faces Elix in singles action – if Rey wins, he’ll give him AND Kidman cruiserweight title shots. If he wins, however, Daniels and Ki challenge for the cruiserweight tag titles.

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Misterio comes out and accepts the challenge… but falls to Skipper thanks in part to a lack of backup of his own. Distractions from Daniels and Ki draw out Kidman but allow Skipper to waffle Rey with his title belt for the pin in 10:08.

There’s a chance The Cat will get a headache from this impromptu, unsanctioned wager as he had a four corners match for a cruiserweight tag title shot already set up. Especially considering his recent attempts to clamp down on wrestlers assuming matchmaking duties, unauthorised.

Chavo Guerrero and Shannon Moore defeated York and Matthews, Knoble and Kash and the FBI when, again, Moore hit the Bottoms Up and Chavo demanded the tag for the pin and the glory on Marinera in 8:15. York/Matthews and Knoble/Kash, unsurprisingly, became pre-occupied with each other and took themselves out of contention.

As the winning duo arrive backstage, Chavo is still telling Shannon where he went wrong in the match, believe it or not. They arrive at Cat’s office and enter, where Chavo points out that they won Miller’s mandated match for a title shot, not Triple X. Cat agrees. Chavo also states that they’re in Battlebowl so a PPV challenge isn’t possible… so how about next week? Cat, clearly with a lot on his plate, says sure – why not?

Backstage, Shawn Stasiak and Stacy Keibler badmouth Ric Flair and Sting, saying they do not deserve to stand on the same side as a legend like the Mecca of Manhood. Stasiak says he will solidify his status as wrestling greatness when he wins Battlebowl and then the world heavyweight title.

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Speaking of the championship, Booker T won his non-title match against Johnny B Badd with the Book End in 6:18. Booker celebrated with Sharmell as Norman Smiley came out and consoled Badd, who wasn’t particularly in the mood for it.

This week’s sit-down interview was with Glenn Gilbertti. He was extremely dismissive any questions regarding his days as Disco Inferno, saying he was sick of being a ‘joke’ when he has ‘one of the greatest minds in the industry’.

He said it was no problem at all switching mostly to managing, and mentioned that he got both Simon and Swinger and the FBI tag title shots. He says they may not have taken the titles first time around, but they are young studs with plenty of upside and will become champions under the GGE regime.

When asked about further additions to the camp, Gilbertti smirks and says “money never sleeps”.

Kid Romeo and Kanyon beat AJ Styles and Kidman to advance to Battlebowl. Again, Styles stole the show with his performance but Kanyon snuck in a low blow on his old friend Kidman and stole the pin at 8:44 to reach Battlebowl.

Air Paris hit the ring and, alone, demanded one more match with the Jung Dragons for he and Styles. He probably regretted making the challenge so soon after Styles had a match, as the Dragons and Meow not only answered the challenge but left him laying.

In a huge upset, Chris Harris and James Black announced themselves as a team in WCW in a big way, scoring a Lethal Lottery win over Jeff Jarrett and Lance Storm, thanks to a little assist from Ric Flair which led to Harris getting a small package on Jarrett after 13:29.

After the break, Jarrett is tearing up the Chosen Few locker room after being embarrassed thanks to Flair, and says if Ric wants a singles match anytime, any stipulation? Now that they’re both out of Battlebowl, how about at the PPV… in a Bunkhouse Brawl?

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DDP reinforced his status as top contender with a hard-fought win over Mike Awesome after Dustin Rhodes drove an ambulance into the studios, providing the distraction for a Diamond Cutter in 10:54. Post-match, Rhodes told Awesome he accepts his challenge, and at Battlebowl to get ready for a stay in the hospital.

Backstage, O’Haire and Palumbo tell Mean Gene that they don’t care if it’s the Mamalukes or Anderson and Jindrak – they’ll beat both sides just like they’ve beaten everyone else in their path in 2001.

Finally, the main event between the side who will get the first shot next week, Anderson and Jindrak w/Mike Sanders, took on the Chosen Few’s chief foils Ric Flair and Sting in a brawl which never really settled down and was thrown out completely after 4:47 when Jarrett and Douglas ran in and attacked Flair and Sting.

DDP ran in to help, but was attacked by Booker T. Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo finally evened the numbers and a huge brawl, which was joined by Rhodes and Awesome fighting into the ringside area, closed the episode.

Battlebowl card so far:

  • WCW World title: Booker T vs DDP
  • BATTLEBOWL – Final list of participants – Tajiri, Super Crazy, Johnny B Badd, Chavo Guerrero, Lash Leroux, Shannon Moore, Scott Steiner, Norman Smiley, Sting, Jason Jett, Shane Douglas, Sean O’Haire, Johnny Swinger, Kid Romeo, Chris Harris, Simon Diamond, Chuck Palumbo, Chris Kanyon, James Black, Shawn Stasiak.
  • Bunkhouse brawl: Ric Flair v Jeff Jarrett
  • Ambulance match: Dustin Rhodes v Mike Awesome
  • Cruiserweight title: Elix Skipper v Shane Helms

Up next: DDP and Booker T sign their World title match contract! Ric Flair and Dustin Rhodes make uneasy allies against Jeff Jarrett and Dustin Rhodes! The Chosen Few challenge for the tag team titles! And can Chris Harris and James Black continue their momentum as a new team?

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