If Fusient Bought WCW #13: A ‘Few’ Bad Men

If Fusient Bought WCW: Lance Storm

The ominous shadow of Jeff Jarrett’s new faction looms over WCW after the events of last week’s main event. Will Sting and Ric Flair retaliate after being beaten down last week?

Also, will Booker T confirm his title rematch? He’s expected to be in the building tonight after his absence last week to address the situation and his loss to Goldberg.

Not only that, but Rob Van Dam gets another shot at Kanyon’s US title after the champ deliberately saved the belt in cheap fashion at the PPV.

Saturday Nitro episode nine – July 7, 2001

The music of Jarrett brings out the new alliance that appears to have forged last week: Shane Douglas, CW Anderson, Mark Jindrak, Mike Sanders, Torrie Wilson and finally, Jeff himself.

Double J says he told the world that he would replace Ric Flair and expose him as being past his usefulness, and last Saturday he did just that. He says Flair may have fluked a win over him at the Bash, but that was the first battle, and Jarrett will win the war.

He says he has assembled his own army, much like Flair has done in the past with the Horsemen and the Seven – only this time, rather than the leader using henchmen as protection, this is four men of equal importance and equal ambition, working as one with two great minds guiding the way in Mike Sanders and Torrie Wilson – thanks to Jeff.

It takes a true leader, Jarrett claims, to convince a big-hitter like Shane Douglas to put the past aside and line up alongside an old flame in order to return to the top of the business. It takes a true leader, he says, to motivate the ‘blue chipper’ of the Natural Born Thrillers to get back on path to his true potential. And, he claims, it takes a true leader to rescue a talented member of the storied Anderson family from their huge shadow and make him an Enforcer of his own destiny.

Because of that, Jarrett doesn’t need to be the ‘boss’ of this group – merely the backbone and inspiration of it. He finishes by saying he is Jeff Jarrett and he is the Chosen One, but it’s now all about this select elite – The Chosen Few.

Air Raid upset the Jung Dragons in cruiser tag action when AJ pinned Kaz with a small package at 8:47. After the bout, a fuming Leia Meow ordered the Dragons to attack AJ and Paris from behind, and they left the winners in a heap, looking anything but.

On This Day In Wrestling History… July 30th

Norman Smiley, Crowbar and Alex Wright are bonding backstage. Into the dressing room comes Johnny B Badd. Smiley asks Badd if he could have a go of his Badd Blaster. Badd says he doesn’t have it with him. Crowbar offers Smiley a hold of his Crowbar instead. Smiley declines, saying it doesn’t explode like the Badd Blaster does. Alex Wright appears to be the only one in the room who hears the innuendo everyone else watching the show does, and he walks out of the room disgusted.

Cruiserweight title contenders’ tournament quarter-final number three saw the most recent challenger, Kid Romeo, succeed with step one of his bid to get another crack at the belt against Lash Leroux after turning a Whiplash attempt into a sunset flip at 6:39.

Shawn Stasiak comes out alongside Stacy Keibler and neither are in a good mood. Stacy says last week they extended a gracious invitation to Lex Luger to join the Shawn and Stacy Show and he didn’t even acknowledge them. They are not going to leave here until Lex gives them an answer.

Luger, to his credit, emerges and tries to explain to them that he is done with in-ring activity and that he doesn’t even know what the ‘Shawn and Stacy Show’ is. The duo act like they understand and that they’re going to leave without incident only for Stasiak to nail Lex from behind and do a serious number on him, even going as far as to pull off an old Luger trademark and break his arm inside a steel chair.

Glenn Gilbertti rallies his troops – Simon Diamond, Swinger and the FBI – in their changing room and says he has delivered on his signing-on promise as their agent by landing the Italians a cruiser tag shot and Simon and Johnny a heavyweight tag shot, both for next week on Nitro. He says he landed the bouts after Cat decided to make Kidman/Rey vs O’Haire/Palumbo for the Bash regardless of the title situation. Tonight, though, it’s four on four and he implores them to show the world that GGE is for real.

GGE won the eight-man against O’Haire, Palumbo, Kidman and Rey when Gilbertti tripped former Filthy Animals stablemate Rey on the ropes, setting up a Problem Solver after 14:01. O’Haire and Palumbo aren’t pleased with the fact they lost a match without actually losing and make sure Rey and Kidman know it, but the two sides go their separate ways before things can get too heated.

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The last quarter-final on the road to a cruiserweight title shot was brief, as Low Ki appeared to pick up a knee injury just a minute into his bout with Elix Skipper after little more than feeling-out and rope-running exchanges, forcing the ref to stop the bout and advance Primetime into the semis with 1:13 officially on the clock.

The latest weekly sit-down is with the WCW World champion, Goldberg. He admits that the business has jaded him over the last few years and that he doesn’t know if he has a great deal of time left, but coming back to deal with the Seven and regaining the title has felt like the ultimate redemption.

He says he hopes things between he and Booker T are still cool, and that he knows how tough a big loss is, but that T also knows how the business works and the rematch is there if he wants it.

Bill also says he isn’t surprised that another faction has emerged with Jarrett and his boys, adding that it’s going to be a constant in wrestling and that guys like himself, Sting and Booker will just keep fighting them off.

Christian York and Joey Matthews began life in WCW with a win over Jamie Knoble and Kid Kash thanks to a neat assisted reversal into a cradle at 8:13, but paid the price for success when the angry rednecks laid them out after the bell.

With the Cruiserweight title on the line, former Three Count team-mates Shane Helms and Shannon Moore went one-on-one in a match which Helms won clean with the Vertebreaker at 12:24. Chavo stalked out to ringside halfway through, but didn’t get involved – mostly as the ref was able to keep an eye on every slight attempt by Guerrero to edge closer to the action. Chavo again berated Moore after the defeat, only caring about his master plan to regain the title falling apart.

RVD v Kanyon for the US title, part three, ended in a count-out win for the champion as once again he deliberately threw the match in a way which kept the belt around his waist after just 5:31 of mostly receiving RVD offense. Van Dam chased Kanyon up the aisle after the decision and brawled with him to the back.

Backstage, The Cat is stressing out in his office, complaining that all of the singles title situations are giving him grief. He says he will deal with Kanyon and the US title next week, but there will be no more spontaneous challenges such as Shannon Moore’s – whether champions accept or not, they all go through him.

On This Day In Wrestling History… July 29th

Also, he will make an announcement about the world title situation next week after he has finally heard back from Booker T. Just as he says this, a staff member sticks their head around the door and says Booker and Sharmell have just arrived at the studios.

The world title situation could have cleared up a little in the match between DDP and Scott Steiner, stemming from last week’s physicality. Unfortunately, Lance Storm ran in, fearing being left out of the title debate, spoiling the match after 8:09. He and Steiner ended up beating down Page in a 2-on-1, causing a DQ win announcement win for DDP. This angered Steiner, who went to take his anger out on Storm only for the Canadian to wisely flee the scene.

Finally, Booker T and Sharmell came to the ring. He said he’s taken a little time away from Nitro after losing the belt because he had to take stock of his situation. He says that yes, of course he will invoke his rematch clause at Bash at the Beach.

He adds that he is sorry to have disappointed the fans with his conduct after losing the title, but none of them could possibly understand what that felt like – when he regained the belt at Spring Breakout, he felt it confirmed he was the man to lead WCW into the new era. Now, three months later, he is dethroned.

At BATB, the anniversary of his first title win, he promises to right this wrong and prove that he, not Goldberg, is the top ‘playa’ in this ‘game’. The champion’s music hits and he emerges on the stage, where he raises the belt up in the air and stares over at Booker to close the show.

Bash at the Beach 2001 card so far:

  • WCW World title rematch: Goldberg v Booker T
  • Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo v Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio (Should O’Haire and Palumbo still be heavyweight tag team champions, this match will be for the titles)
  • WCW Cruiserweight title: Shane Helms v tournament winner

Next time: Ric Flair and Sting address the attack by The Chosen Few! Plus, two tag team championship matches!

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