If Fusient Bought WCW #10: Tension Mounts On GAB Eve

It’s the night before Great American Bash 2001 – can Booker T and Goldberg coexist vs the Steiner Brothers?

If Fusient Bought WCW: Kanyon

With 24 hours until the Great American Bash returns, things are at fever pitch. WCW World champion Booker T must team with his opponent in 24 hours, Goldberg, against The Steiner Brothers. Meanwhile, we’ll hear from Lex Luger about the situation he finds himself in ahead of another showdown with Sting.

And as with Slamboree weekend, big bouts are likely for the go-home TV show – including a Sicilian Stretcher match – not to mention more confirmations for the PPV itself.

The newly-formed alliance of Chavo Guerrero and Shannon Moore defeated Jason Jett and Lash Leroux in our opener. Chavo cut off a Lash hot tag attempt to Jett by pulling JJ off the apron before luring him face-first into the post. This allowed Moore to hit Bottom’s Up on a weakened Lash before Guerrero demanded to be tagged in for the pin at 8:51. A furious Jett challenged Chavo for the Bash in a 1-on-1 rematch after recovering.

A video looks at Sting and Luger’s long and storied history in WCW, both as friends and enemies. They face at the Bash – perhaps for the final time. How will their saga end?

Shawn Stasiak continued his recent run of results by beating Chris Harris in 3:09 with his neckbreaker. He and Stacy Keibler celebrated in their trademark self-indulgent manner afterwards.

Kid Romeo was due for a tune-up before his cruiserweight title match at the Bash vs Alex Wright but was attacked in the aisle by Shane Helms, furious over his challenger’s attack on a previous Nitro. The two are broken up by security while Wright stands dumbfounded in the ring.

Another match between Super Crazy/Low Ki and Tajiri/Daniels was compromised when Ki was not in Orlando, for whatever reason. Super Crazy made his entrance when this was announced and then the music of Elix Skipper hit. Skipper made his way out and offered to stand in for Ki “for the opportunity”.

On This Day In Wrestling History...12th June

However, as soon as Tajiri and Daniels make their entrance, Skipper turned on Crazy and it became a three-on-one mugging. Air Raid ran in for the save, leading to Skipper, Daniels and Tajiri beating Crazy and Air Raid in an impromptu six-man tag when a weakened Crazy fell to Skipper’s Play Of The Day in 15:21.

Shane Douglas won his rematch against Bam Bam Bigelow – though the referee caught the chain being brought into play, that merely gave Douglas the chance to land a low blow and win with the Franchiser in 8:17. He proclaims to the camera that “the Franchise is back” as he walks to the back.

Kidman and Rey’s pre-PPV tune-up against the FBI ended in a no-contest after just 5:01 when Leia Meow sent the Dragons out to attack the champs before their Bash title showdown. The FBI, who’ve had problems with the Dragons in the past, attacked Kaz and Yang themselves before the faces cleared the ring of all four heels.

A video package runs through the Flair/Jarrett history, from the formation of the Magnificent Seven in January all the way through to their fallout and challenge for the Bash. A lot of emphasis is put on Jarrett wanting to be Flair’s ‘successor’ of sorts and promises to put him out to pasture for good.

RVD, DDP and Dustin Rhodes beat Kanyon, Lance Storm and Mike Awesome when Van Dam turned a Flatliner attempt into a unique leg-orientated cradle after 16:07 for another pinfall over the man he challenges for the US title in 24 hours. Moments before the pin, Awesome put Rhodes through a table at ringside.

First Match Confirmed For NXT Great American Bash

Glenn Gilbertti and his clients Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger are backstage with Mean Gene celebrating their successful debut as a faction and Gilbertti mentions that he will take them all the way to the tag titles. The Full Blooded Italians then enter the scene, and ask Gilbertti if he has a moment. Glenn invites them to the GGE lounge for a chat.

CW Anderson went 4-0 in a one-sided victory over James Black, gaining another armbar tap in 2:37.

The Mamalukes defeated The Harris Boys in a violent Sicilian Stretcher match, putting both twins on stretchers and pushing them out of ringside after 17:20. A double hiptoss into a powerbomb through a table took out Ron before they unleashed a two-on-one kendo stick assault on Don to leave both twins incapacitated enough for the victory and what is surely the end of their feud.

This week’s sit-down interview is with Lex Luger. He says that while he’s seen a bunch of veterans on this interview segment sidestep questions about when they’ll retire, he knows his time will soon be up.

He admits he doesn’t feel permanently attached to wrestling, and the thought of retirement is an appealing one. He says Sting and he going at it one more time seems inevitable before he goes, but that while they’ll probably be lifetime friends he doesn’t always agree with Sting on a business level and right now, he doesn’t see why he should spend his final days, months, years or however long he has left pandering to others and trying to come across as a nice guy.

He says he wants to be on top when he goes out and maybe a win over Sting at one of WCW’s flagship events will do just that. When asked about how he seemed a little accepting of the beatings he and Buff took from Goldberg at Slamboree and O’Haire and Palumbo at Sin, he admits that he knew if Goldberg ever got back into WCW he would probably get his revenge and that, to be honest, the current tag champs are “awesome” but will have the biggest test of their career against whom he claims are the best tag team in history, the Steiners.

On This Day In Wrestling History… June 11th

Those very same Steiners finished the show against main event opponents at the Bash, Booker T and Goldberg. The faces clearly had some tension, knowing their partner tonight was their opponent on Sunday, but functioned enough to hang in there against the legendary duo. Rick went for a steel chair in the closing stages only for O’Haire and Palumbo to run down and confiscate it. Around the same time Rick provoked the champs to attack him on the outside, Scott grabbed his lead pipe and lamped Goldberg and the match was thrown out after 9:56.

The tag champions got into the ring to prevent a lead pipe shot to Booker, which earned them a shot to the ribs each. Booker lined up a Harlem sidekick for Scott but he ducked and it nailed Goldberg! The tag title match components brawled ringside as Booker tried to apologise to his challenger, resulting in a shoving match as the show ended.

WCW Great American Bash 2001 card:

WCW World title: Booker T (c) vs Goldberg
WCW Tag titles: O’Haire and Palumbo (c) vs The Steiner Brothers
WCW United States title: Chris Kanyon (c) vs Rob Van Dam
WCW Cruiserweight title: Shane Helms (c) vs Kid Romeo
WCW Cruiserweight Tag titles: Kidman & Misterio (c) vs The Jung Dragons
Ric Flair vs Jeff Jarrett
Sting vs Lex Luger
Dustin Rhodes and DDP vs Lance Storm and Mike Awesome
Jason Jett vs Chavo Guerrero Jr

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