‘I Always Deserve The Spotlight’ – Tenille Dashwood Means Business In Impact Wrestling

Tenille Dashwood lashed out at suggestions she has cut to the front of the women’s wrestling queue at Impact Wrestling…

Tenille Dashwood

Tenille Dashwood

The notorious Tenille Dashwood spoke to us via Zoom on this week’s Impact! Wrestling press conference. Dashwood discussed her career highlights, her ambitions, Kaleb with A K’s pay, and Jordynne Grace’s inferiority. 

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How has women’s wrestling evolved since your debut, especially in Australia?

When I started wrestling in Australia [in 2003], there were a few smaller, independent wrestling companies scattered over the states that altogether made a big wrestling community. I’d actually say it’s still the same about now. We’re on this island far away from everywhere else so to ever think of making it onto worldwide TV, wrestling for a major company was unheard of at that point. I’d say I was one of the first to take myself overseas and train, with Lance Storm [at Storm Wrestling Academy, in Canada] around that time I noticed people started reconsidering what was ‘possible’. Women started to travel overseas, working for companies such as Shimmer. In the modern day, if we were to look back at how many of these wrestlers were now signed to major promotions it does just go to show the leaps and bounds from what it used to be, and what we thought was possible. 

Until recently, we haven’t seen you on our screens for some time, due to COVID. So with you coming back in the way that you did, do you feel you were maybe cut into the forefront when you don’t necessarily deserve it at this time?

Who let you in? Are you saying you don’t think I deserve it? You’re a funny guy. No, I disagree with you. I’ve been working hard and I do a lot of jobs, I have photoshoots to do, headshots to do, video content to do. I have not just been sitting around and also… my wrestling resume speaks for itself so no, I do deserve the spotlight always, even if I wasn’t doing anything. On my first night back, I main evented the show and WON, so yes I have earned my spot thank you very much. 

Your arrival in Impact! Wrestling has been so well received. What would a victory in such a marquee match over Jordynne Grace this Saturday at Victory Road do for your career?

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It’ll mean a lot to finally have Jordynne off my back. She’s so weird, stalking me on social media and all. I’ve wondered if it’s a jealousy thing, she seems to be doing a lot of photoshoots, just like me, so. She’s just a speedbump, once she’s finally out of the way I can move onto bigger and better things. 

Having now faced Jordynne Grace twice now, are you worried that your bag of tricks might be empty? 

My bag of tricks is never empty, come on. Jordynne is aggressive in the ring and has tried to injure me multiple times now, but she hasn’t been able to finish the job. I’m too resilient. Jordynne, yeah she’s a great competitor I guess, but I am not worried about this match. I always have a plan. I’m Tenille Dashwood. 

It’s somewhat more common now, but you are quite an early adopter of having a YouTube channel alongside your wrestling career, what inspired you to launch Taste Of Tenille, and why is it important for you to have that creative outlet? 

I thought it was important to give back to the fans, to show my life outside of the wrestling ring. So much more goes into what I do as a performer than just turning up in the ring. I wanted to share my outlooks on health, and fitness and other things I enjoy doing. I think it’s important, especially at the minute, to share my positive outlook on things. I get a lot of feedback from things like the quotes I use, saying like ‘ah, that’s exactly what I needed to hear today!’ and people relating to difficulties I face, so like my skin condition that I spoke about publicly on my channel. I like sharing my recipes and trying to motivate people to go out and live their life to the fullest! Because otherwise, people procrastinate or sometimes just need a bit of a kick in the butt. I just think it’s important to encourage people to go out and do those things. 

I also recently uploaded my newest travel video, my Jamaica trip is now online, you can see that on my channel, Taste of Tenille. 

What is the highlight of your career?

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There have been a lot of different highlights. One of the best is simply just wrestling all over the world, it helped me discover my passion and my love for travel. Through that has come so many collaborations and crazy, amazing things I’ve done. The travel aspect is important. But I’d have to say the biggest highlight is yet to come, because i’m still to become the Knockouts Champion… time is ticking.

You’ve had a career spanning over 15 years; how do you keep it fresh when it comes to designing your offense and defence in the ring and your training?

I’ve wanted to be a wrestler since I was a little girl, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I’ve watched it, studied it, performed it and trained for over fifteen years. That’s exactly why I’m a professional wrestler and why I’ve wrestled for top companies around the world. I’m constantly working on myself, keeping in-shape and healthy and that has a lot of input in how I can stay on top of my game and make sure I am delivering. Doing my research, watching the product and doing whatever I need to do to make sure that I am always the best. 

The Knockouts division is well known for its stipulation matches, is there one you’d like to be a part of specifically? 

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Let me ask YOU a question; do you think these stipulation matches are a way for performers to try and prove themselves? Because I don’t need to prove myself, and I don’t need stipulations. Inflicting more pain and damage to my opponent might be more fun though. I think I’d have to come up with my own stipulation. 

With such a storied career, who would you say has been your best opponent and how does Jordynne compare?

I think some of my best rivals came from my run in NXT. My greatest rival is probably Paige, some of our matches pretty much started the Women’s Evolution. She’s definitely one, but I also really enjoyed my rivalry with Asuka. One of my favourite performances was against her at NXT TakeOver: London. 

Coming to Impact!, I knew that Jordynne was going to be one of the best wrestlers I’d step in the ring with. It’s exciting and nice to have fresh competition, and know you’re going up against the best.

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