How WWE Should Have Booked the 24/7 Title

Lewis Brown thinks the WWE 24/7 championship could have meant so, so much more.

R Truth

Photo: WWE

It has been just over a year since the 24/7 title was revealed on Raw by Mick Foley to almost dead silence. It was a shame, really.

Everyone was hyped for the title, especially with the build up where they said that anyone could challenge for it, anywhere, any time. It is currently in the possession of NFL star Rob Gronkowski who was a member of the WWE roster for all of 2 weeks.

Over the year, there have been good moments. Kelly Kelly and Ted DiBiase winning it were definitely some highlights, but there have also been some controversial moments that divided fans opinions such as the whole Drake Maverik vs R-Truth feud (which I personally enjoyed but a lot of people didn’t) and the Maria Kanellis storyline where she essentially used to title to emasculate her husband.

The concept was great, but the title could have been used so much better.

So, where to start? The design, of course. If you want a title to be taken seriously, you can’t have a belt that looks like a big green toy. Even Edge said that the title was “the ugliest championship ever created”.

We know that WWE can make a nice-looking belt, for example the Winged Eagle and the Undisputed titles. I’m not saying it has to look that prestigious because after all, it is a gimmick championship, but please just don’t make it green. It looks plastic.

The next thing I would do is to add a reason for gaining the title. Something to make it worth holding. This will add importance to the title. An idea I had for this was to stipulate that if you had the title, while holding it you could challenge for another championship. Any title across any brand.

After the challenge, win or lose the match, the 24/7 title becomes vacated and there is a battle royal for the new holder. The stipulation could work as the holder can only challenge for the other championships while they are actually holding the 24/7 title so as long as you keep it changing, they will not clutter the other title pictures.

On This Day in Wrestling History...22nd July

The introduction with Mick Foley revealing it on Raw could remain the same and I think it would be better received if the title looks better. With the stipulation I have introduced however, instead of having the first person who picks it up gets it, I would have an initial battle royal to determine the first winner. I would have Robert Roode win it and run and hide in R-Truth’s trunk only for him to be rolled up by Truth. That was an entertaining moment.

Now as I say have it jump about. I get that it was used to elevate R-Truth who is very entertaining, but the excitement around this title was that anyone could challenge for it and instead of it being used to introduce new stars it has essentially became Truth’s title that people keep stealing from him.

With R-Truth having it first, this can lead to a moment when Lesnar and Heyman are in the ring and Truth comes out only to get destroyed by Lesnar. Then, now that the title is vacated, you can have the battle royal to determine the new champion.

One specific moment that really irked me is when Elias was the 24/7 Champion and he and Shane McMahon took on Roman Reigns and R-Truth. Reigns and Truth won and as Elias was laid out, Reigns signalled for Truth to make the pin and get the 24/7 title back. Why would Reigns not want it? It’s a championship after all!

The way I looked at it is WWE actively telling me “this title doesn’t matter”. If that’s the case, how can you expect me to get invested in it. If you want people to care, you need to make it matter. (Ed’s note: it wasn’t the first time, either. Remember British Bulldog winning the Hardcore title in 1999 and handing it to Al Snow?)

Now, I don’t want to be overly critical. The usage of social media with the 24/7 title has been great. They used it as a platform to keep us updated outside of the weekly shows which makes sense when it’s 24/7 rules.

On This Day In Wrestling...21st July

The only minor change I would make is have a more prominent role on the weekly shows. Cut the random chase through the ringside area during a match and put in a section of the weekly show where they review what has happened through the week with the title.

It means that more casual fans stay in the loop as not everyone follows WWE on social media, but on the flipside, if they show these clips and then the commentators plug the social media as the place to see these first, you might get more followers (which in todays day and age is both figuratively and literally currency).

From here it opens so many avenues and opportunities to do different things with the title. Call-ups from NXT are a great example.

I know personally, in the run up to the reveal, I thought that’s what the plan was anyway. If you have someone like Ricochet win it while on NXT and then come to Raw and challenge for the US title. This also has the knock-on effect of making the “mid-card” titles feel more important if people want to challenge for them.

Also, since NXT got the USA Network TV deal, they have been building it as the “third brand” as opposed to the developmental brand with events such as Royal Rumble winner Charlotte Flair challenging for the NXT Women’s Championship. The 24/7 title could also be used for this by having someone from Raw or Smackdown winning the title and heading to NXT for a title match.

On This Day in Wrestling History...23rd July

Having things like this could also serve to fix the problem WWE are having with keeping the rosters separate while also wanting certain stars to appear on the other shows.

The Wild Card rule obviously didn’t work as they broke it the first night and I have a feeling the whole “Brand Invitational” rule is going to go the same way.

If you have the 24/7 Championship appear on all shows, anyone can appear to challenge for it. For example, instead of having Drew McIntyre just declare he wants to face Baron Corbyn, have Corbyn win the 24/7 title and come to Raw to challenge McIntyre.

Another benefit of using this stipulation with the 24/7 title is it can be used to justify the, sometimes, random title matches that are awarded to people.

Roman Reigns challenging Goldberg, for example. If Reigns had the 24/7 title, this would justify him challenging Goldberg and Goldberg saying “okay if you keep that title until Wrestlemania, you can get your shot at me”, which then can add a bit of intensity of whether someone is going to take Reigns’ main event match away from him.

In real life of course, due to the pandemic, Roman made the choice to self-isolate and Braun Strowman took his place. If they had Strowman win a Battle Royal on the go-home show before Mania to win the 24/7 title, that would then have explained and more importantly, justified his challenging for the Universal Championship.

As I say there is so many opportunities and I won’t go into all of them here. If you have any ideas or if you would have done it differently, let me know on Twitter @epicfail318 and we can discuss it.

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