Hooked On Roundtable: What Would Have Happened If There Was No Lockdown?

So many changes have been forced upon wrestling by COVID-19. So, what would have happened if it was business as usual?

Drew McIntyre

It’s safe to say, 2020 hasn’t gone the way the professional wrestling industry (or anyone else) was forecasting way back in January.

And while wrestling and all other live events and sports attempt to ease themselves back into something vaguely resembling normality, we cannot help but wonder what would have gone down had COVID-19 not changed everything.

So, that’s exactly what we asked the team this week. Do you agree? And what else would you say was an absolute lock to happen if not for the pandemic?

Paul Benson: Hooked On Wrestling would have thrown the greatest set of WrestleMania parties in history, including packing over 1000 fans into a venue in Glasgow to see their countryman Drew McIntyre kick Brock Lesnar’s head off and prompt a reaction so loud it would have made William Wallace wake from the dead and wiggle his naked, skeletal bum in Paul Heyman’s general direction.

In all seriousness, I think we would have seen Drew McIntyre become the most popular WWE champion of the modern era with a reign that firmly cemented him as the biggest star in wrestling.

Liam Happe: Edge would still be wrestling most weeks, right now. Think about it: his serious injury in The Most Shoved Down Our Throats Wrestling Match Ever at Backlash took place during a reshoot that would not have been possible, had he and Randy Orton been forced to instead just have a pretty damn good match before a live crowd as originally envisioned.

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Justin Czerwonka: Will Ospreay would have fought Tetsuya Naito in the main event of NJPW Wrestling Dynasty. I know a lot of people pegged Ospreay as winning the original New Japan Cup. But Ospreay and Naito are two of the most popular wrestlers in NJPW and would have had a great main event in Madison Square Garden. And now I’m sad thinking about it because I was supposed to go to that show.

Marc Hemingway: Drew McIntyre would have still beaten Brock Lesnar but the match would’ve been stretched out a bit further, both wrestlers getting some big moves in then feeding the crowd into a frenzy. McIntyre would then have won the big belt in front of the biggest crowd of the year and it would’ve been amazing.

Josh Chapman: AJ Styles would have beaten the Undertaker in front of a full house in Tampa to retire the Deadman pre-Last Ride. I won’t have anyone tell me otherwise.

Pradeep Kachhala: CM Punk would have returned to feud with Seth Rollins. I believe that without the lockdown as a partial excuse for declining interest in the product, Vince McMahon would have gone nuclear and let Punk name his terms. And, let’s face it, Punk vs Rollins in a battle to see who is the most self-righteous would be awesome.

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Joe Kennard: Edge and Randy Orton having a truly electric WrestleMania match and then perhaps at Backlash they could really have had the greatest wrestling match ever. I still think of how amazing it would of been to see Edge walk down the ramp at Mania with 80,000 people cheering him on. Maybe next year?

Andrew Charles: Metallica would have given us the greatest Wrestlemania in-ring performance ever in Tampa as part of the entrance for the Undertaker in his American Badass persona, which would have been a huge surprise for everyone, and we would have heard the biggest and most genuine ‘pop’ ever from a live wrestling crowd.

Chris Pereira: For the first time, the Wrestlemania crowd would’ve been happy to see Roman Reigns hit the spear and win the World title.

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